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A review of the process flow of imitation rattan furniture.

Feb 07, 2018

The production process of imitation rattan furniture can be divided into eight parts: raw material selection, raw material grinding, raw material processing, polishing, assembly, weaving, semi-finished grinding and oil spraying.

Because the production of rattan chair covers all the process of pure cane furniture production, so we take the cane chair as an example to give you a detailed demonstration of the production process of pure rattan furniture.

Material selection:

There are many kinds of rattan, known to have 600 kinds, among which, the centivine, the red vine, the sato, the badando is the most commonly used. As we used in the production of cane cane vine mainly padan, sand and li rattan cane. Padan cane and sand general thickness is uniform and cany chair is the superior material of the frame; Rito is very flexible and is an indispensable ingredient for making dishes.

Raw material polishing:

The surface of the vine is rough and is a kind of prickly plant, so it is necessary to "polish" the raw materials when making the production. This kind of grinding machine is a tool for polishing the raw materials of rattan, mainly using sand belt and grinding wheel. The grinding should be divided into two parts, one is rough and the other is fine.

The first step is rough polishing.

Rough grinding, using 80 type coarse sand belt; Place the cane in the grinding machine sand belt and the grinding wheel, and exert a little force to make the surface of the cane basically smooth.

The second step is fine grinding.

After the first round of polishing, the surface of the cane has been smooth, but still a little rough, then the second round of fine grinding is required. Now we can use this type of 180 fine sand belt to polish again, 180 sand belt is thinner than 80 sand belt, so the cane will be more smooth. Now, we will show you the effect before and after the polishing. The same is true for other cane polishing methods. We will not introduce them in detail.

Raw material processing:

Introduction to tools

This is often used in the production of rattan chairs: fire guns, high-pressure air cooling guns, and operating stations. The setup of the console is simple, but it is very useful, it is the main tool to make the cane bent. There are two iron cylindrical cylinders with diameters of 8 and 25 cm on top of the operating table. The spacing between the two iron cylinders is 10 cm. The process of bending the vine is done on this counter.

The first part of the cane chair foot to make.

The foot part of the cane chair includes the foot part, the foot support lever two parts, needs to be bent, the mouth, the assembly and so on several links to carry on the processing.

1.    Foot parts production.

Selection of raw materials: we choose a 5 cm diameter, uniform thickness, length of 1.9 meters, and polished badancane rattan to make.


They are heated, bent and cooled.

First of all, with muskets in cane heating with 65 centimeters, when heated to high temperature kept mobile gun on the cane bending part of the uniform heating, here it is important to note that with a musket fire the outer flame heating, if use inner flame, due to combustion temperature is too high to make a cane. When heated to a certain extent, use the hot energy to put the cane on the operating table card, edge heating edge, bending deformation. It's about 90 degrees or so, and then it stops heating, and it cools the cane with a high pressure air cooling gun to set it up. The same method is used for heating, bending and cooling at the other end of 65 cm. Here, I also want to remind you is, if there is excessive bending, cane bending over to place to heat treatment, bend it back to the suitable Angle. In this way, one part of the pedal part of the chair is processed.

2.    The production of pedal support rod.

We just made a part of the foot part, and then we need to make a foot collapse brace, three. We use a ruler to measure the length of three segments of the length of 38cm from the thickness of the cane, which is about 5cm in diameter, and then the saw blade, which is then used for the blaster treatment respectively.

Spear mouth

The bullet hole is to make a groove at one centimeter at each end of the cut cane, and the function of the groove is for the assembly of the cane chair. Do not force too hard on the cane to avoid damaging the length of the cane. We then use this serrated tool to polish the edges of the spear. The purpose of the grinding is to remove the burrs from the edge of the spear edge to make the edges smoother. Do the same with the other two support rods in the same way, so that the three pedal support rods are ready.

3.    The polishing treatment of the foot part and the foot support rod.

Before the rocking chair is assembled, we will polish the foot part and the support rod. Because the polishing process is basically the same as the essentials, here we have a simple introduction to how to polish a part of it.

The main tool used in polishing is the polishing machine. It is slightly different from the polishing process, although it is made to smooth the surface of the object, but the polishing is mainly through the grinding wheel to process the processed parts locally.

The focus of the polishing is the scar, followed by the surface that has been heated a bit by the high temperature. The force should be uniform while polishing, gentle and delicate. (to the part that needs polishing) can't be omitted, must not be too big, if the force is too large, may let the grinding wheel grind to more place, causes the polishing part unnecessary loss. This is the polished foot part, which gives the feeling of being clean and smooth. Do the same with the pedal support. Note that after each component is processed, the polishing process is required.

4.    Pedal assembly:

And then we put together a couple of pieces that we just made, which is a complete set of feet. The tools needed for assembly are: electric drill, pneumatic screwdriver, no.5 bit, and no.5 screw. Install the first support rod at the top of the foot, 68 cm from the top. First, use the electric drill to drill holes. Note that this is a 5 bit drill. When drilling, it should be noted that the Angle of the drill bit is perpendicular to the support rod. play

Put 2 screws in the hole, then use the pneumatic screwdriver to fix it. The other end also needs to be fixed in the same way.

Install the second support bar at the top of the foot, 22 cm from the top of the foot, also the hole, and then screw with the screw. The position of the third support rod is between the top of the foot and the support rod. Two holes are punched at each end of the support rod, and then the screws are fixed with screws. In this way, the pedal part of the assembly is completed.

The second part of the cane chair armrest production.

This is the armrest of the cane chair, its production process and the foot part of the cane chair also need to be bent, blunderbuss, assemble and so on several links to complete. Selection of raw materials: select the diameter of 5 cm, thick and uniform, the length of 1.5 meters has been sanded to make handrails. The tools and the bending steps are roughly the same as those made for the cane, but the bending points are slightly different. We do the heating and bending at about 30 cm from the end of the cane, and then we cool it when we bend it to 90 degrees. Then heat and bend the curve about 50 centimeters away from the bending part, and notice that the curve is about 50 centimeters in diameter.

This template is designed to ensure that the handrail is symmetrical and specially designed, and put the handrail part up, if appropriate, if it is not suitable, it will be processed to the size of the template.

The third part of the cane chair rocker making.

1.    Production of rocker parts.

This is the rocker part of the cane chair, and now we're going to process the first part of the rocker part, and the raw material is the batanga. The first choice is 5cm in diameter, with a length of 2.9m, which has already been polished, and one of the barteng tengons has been polished, which is to be cut out at 40cm from the end of the cane. The purpose is to make the center of the flower close and tight at the time of disc flower, and it is also for the sake of beauty. In the process of inclined mouth processing, it is necessary to use a chainsaw to grasp the length of the cutting, and start at 40 cm from the end of the cane, so that the wicker is inclined to move slowly on the machine tool. Note: the force of the hand must be even, the thickness is moderate, the force is too big, will make the cane become short, the force is too small, will be cut too thick and affect the use. Next, we need to adjust the operation table and replace the cylinder with a diameter of 25 centimeters with the cylinder with a diameter of 15 centimeters.

You may have noticed that on one side of this cylindrical cylinder there is a small opening that is 3 centimeters wide. This small opening has a special purpose, and we will introduce it to you in a moment.

Back to rock the boat part of our production, first of all, with muskets to bevel at one end of the heating processing, and then put it on, then just use what we call a small slot with openings, note that will cut good end fixed to the opening of the small tank, firstly while heating. The cylindrical cylinder is curved, and the cooling gun is used to cool the shape after bending. Use a ruler to measure 40cm, 30cm, and make a mark from the bend. Then heating with respectively to these two places, because the sinuous profile of the rocking boat part need is larger, so the heating part will expand, after heating, heating after put it, in turn, on the other end and then heat bending, bending degree at both ends for good contact, and then cooling to finalize the design. Finally, the overall shape check is carried out on the template.

2.    The production of rocker disc flower:

The choice of raw material: the raw material of the rattan chair rocker dish is sato. Choose a sand vine with a diameter of 5 centimeters and a length of 2.6 meters. At 40 cm from the end of the cane, also cut an oblique mouth.

Rock the boat dish of flower production, we use a ruler measure in turn 38 cm, 17 cm, 37 cm, 17 cm, 30 cm, and the tag, to heat the cut hole processing end, will be fine at one end of the card in the open slot of work station, heating and bending, pay attention to the heating and the strength should be uniform, work station open slot as the axis, dish 3 laps, and then cooling to finalize the design. Next, in a just measure of 37 centimeters heating bending in the opposite direction, will be subject to bending cane parallel on both ends, and then cooling to finalize the design, then put the cane, in turn, the residual cane heating bend in the middle section, also is in the opposite direction, and finally to bend is parallel to the ends of cane, cooling to finalize the design again, get the shape we need.

3.    Production of rocker support rod:

Take one of the five centimeters of batanga cane, measure 34 centimeters with a ruler, and then cut it with a saw, and make a spear and a polishing process. We got the rocker support we needed.

Iv. Assembly:

The assembly of our part consists mainly of the wicker chair armrests, rocker parts, rocker disc and rocker support rods, which can be assembled in half - side rocking chairs. Before we do the assembly, we have to polish the parts first, and the polishing method is the same as before, and we won't talk about it here. The tools for assembly are no. 5 electric drill, electric screwdriver and no.5 screw. This is our final assembly shape, because this part of the assembly technology is relatively simple, we are no longer in detail, using electric drill holing in the tags, each point in the two holes, again with the same type of screws are fixed, so that we will make the half rocking chair. Use the same method for the other half of the rocking chair.

4.    The production of decorative disk flowers.

             Besides we mentioned rocking boat offer flowers, the vine still has a lot of decorative plate flowers, large and small, decorative plate can not only play the role of decorate beautification, but also the force of the support effect. In this section, we will focus on how these dishes are made. Usually, a cane rocking chair needs 8 small decorative plate flowers, 2 slightly larger decorative plate flowers, their production process is basically the same, but the size is slightly different.

We give you an example of small decorative plates. This is the simple work station that makes the small dish flower, this iron bar is to play a fixed role in the production, in order to avoid the dislocations when the disc flower.

           The cane that is used when making small dish is the centivine, we choose to be like this diameter is 1 centimeter, the length is 80 centimeters of ground to be polished to the vine cane. At one end of the cane, there is an oblique mouth, which is also a special treatment for the beauty of the flower. Cane slightly after heating, there will be one end of the bevel is fixed, and then the coiling around the center, probably about three to four laps, when cane at the end of the remaining 10 centimeters or so, and then with a nail gun in the periphery of the disk flowers fixed on it, so as not to loose open flower, about two to three points of fixed. The same method should be used to make a uniform small decorative plate of 6. The production method of large decorative plate flower is basically the same as the small decorative dish, the choice diameter is 1, 5 centimeters, length is 110 centimeters of cane make, make two together. After making the decorative plate, we can assemble all the above parts together, and the cane chair is almost finished. Next we need to make the following parts:

V-shaped rattan supports about 1 cm in diameter and about 100 cm in length; 1. About 1 cm in diameter, about 90 cm in length, supported by rattan cane, two; 1 cm in diameter, about 60 cm in length C type cane support, 1; The diameter is about 5cm, and the length is about 45cm. Note that you should not forget to take the two ends of each support rod to handle it.

The raw materials that are made here are bartenvine. Since these parts are only different in shape, specification and quantity, the production process is basically the same, so we no longer introduce how they were made. Now, let's take a look at some of the things that we need to be aware of when we're making parts.

V-shaped rattan supports about 1 cm in diameter and about 100 cm in length; 1. About 1 cm in diameter, about 90 cm in length, supported by rattan cane, two; 1 cm in diameter, about 60 cm in length C type cane support, 1; The diameter is about 5cm, and the length is about 45cm. Note that you should not forget to take the two ends of each support rod to handle it.

The raw materials that are made here are bartenvine. Since these parts are only different in shape, specification and quantity, the production process is basically the same, so we no longer introduce how they were made. Now, let's take a look at some of the things that we need to be aware of when we're making parts. 1. When the raw material is polished, it must be coarsely and finely ground. This way the cane can be more smooth. 2. When heated, the flame of a fire gun must be used to heat the bending part to avoid the temperature too high to burn the cane. 3. After the parts are finished, the air cooling gun is required to be cooled and finalized. 4. Wicker chair armrest and rocker disc flower and other parts are finished, need to be put into the template for the finalize check and adjust. 5. When making a dish, the front end of the tenter should be cut out of a bevel, which is important to make it more beautiful.

5.       When polishing the scar of the cane and the high temperature carbonization, notice that the action should be gentle and careful, not too hard, so as not to cause excessive wear of the polishing object. 7. Every object that is produced needs polishing. 8. For the parts in the assembly, it is important to note that the location of the connection point, each need each two connecting holes, reoccupy screws, play the purpose is to make connection of the two holes of robustness is better. Finally, it is important to note that when making the furniture, you should always choose different kinds of vines when making different parts. Because of the different types of cane, thickness of soft hard will be different, so the production time is suitable for the site will also vary, such as: li cane its texture soft, strong toughness, suitable for a variety of patterns. So usually will it split from the skin, to do with the core inside the main material, additive of different thickness plate of flowers, or used for the compilation of all kinds of decorative pattern, while others, such as the single vine, because its slender peduncle, stripes and beautiful, quality of a material is solid, after processing and grinding is more adapted to the furniture pergola, production of accessories. There is, on different parts of the heating process, it is important to note that the bending degree of heating time, because each furniture parts the radian of bend and shape is different, so, in practice, must according to the shape of the determine of the items being processed for specific operation.

6.    Try not to bend too much over the same place, so that you can. The quality of the cane will be damaged. The best way to do this is to keep your mind clear and avoid many changes. The cane makes the furniture simple and elegant, not only beautiful and free, but also its products are more practical comfort, in the last program. We have introduced some methods for the selection and processing of rattan rocking-chair, and then we will continue to introduce the assembly process of rattan furniture. This position is the best place to assemble the wicker chair. Electric drill for drilling in 5 cm, pay attention to in support at each end of a hole, and then present plate and the cany chair of another also each make a hole on both ends of the contact point, with good screws, finally also upside down and do the same at the end of the handle, thus ensuring the stability of the plate. Picked up a piece of the support bar is ready, put the spear on the mouth the radian and the corresponding part of the radian, pay attention to, don't forget to contact with plate at the top of the also need to be a screw fixation. Here we first place the pre-made large plate in the armrest and the rocker, and then use the screw to fix the upper and lower ends. At the other end, use the same method to fix the disk.