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Aluminum alloy series is widely used in outdoor furniture.

Jan 23, 2018

For example, the tesla fabric; , environmental protection, such as wood, then respectively with a kind of main materials is explained: rafa Lin cloth: special materials is introduced in recent years, with high temperature resistance, resistance to uv and prevent rain, ageing resistance and other characteristics, but also has properties, such as clean easily, strong stability, comfortable feel. It has been widely used in outdoor products in recent years. Rafa Lin cloth and colorful dyeing process, give it to increase in outdoor furniture market competitiveness an important bargaining chip, rafa Lin cloth couch in the lounge chair market have their irreplaceable position, it is in itself and the advantages of rich and colorful cloth art to other areas of development!

Green wood: also known as plastic wood, science and technology wood, recycled wood, the industry is known as WPC. Is the chip of wood, bamboo, straw, chaff, peanut shell, cotton stalk, such as primary biomass materials as the main raw material, using the polymer interface chemistry principle and the characteristics of plastic filling modification, mixing a certain proportion of the plastic base, after processing by the special craft processing and molding of a reversible recycling, morphological structure, a variety of basic materials. It is to keep the look and feel real wood, and has the good moistureproof waterproof, acid and alkali resistance, fungus suppression, antistatic, insect-resistant eat by moth, such as performance, and wood products and environmental protection with high fire resistance, no pollution, pollution-free, recyclable, etc.