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Analysis of outdoor furniture industry.

Jan 25, 2018

1.    Analysis of the current situation of outdoor furniture industry in China.

The development of China's furniture industry in recent years has made the production and sales, technical equipment and quality benefit of the whole industry improved comprehensively, and has now become the largest furniture exporter in the world. At the same time, our country has become the largest outdoors in the world.

Producer and exporter of furniture, outdoor leisure goods.

2.    Development prospect of outdoor furniture industry.

Due to the popularity of fashion concept and the extension of holiday time, the improvement of people's material living standard and the acceleration of urbanization in China have made people's demand for outdoor furniture double. This has led to the rapid development of outdoor furniture industry in China in recent years. According to industry personage introduction, besides travel, recreational drive outdoor furniture demand outside. Some major cities in China to encourage outdoor dining and business services, in a way can make the unpopular in China has been in outdoor furniture can use this opportunity, to enter a new period of development. In addition, with the continuous improvement of housing conditions, now, wrong layer, more and more people are that jump a layer and villa, home with a balcony or outdoor platform landing, his garden, what is no longer new. Living space extends outward again, people also have the idea that builds outdoor this second private space, outdoor furniture has natural use place. At the same time, however, we also want to see, although China's current outdoor furniture and accessories industry developing rapidly, but not become a manufacturing powerhouse, domestic production enterprises have just entered the quality win lean production phase by the low price to win, whether it is quality varieties, design concept, marketing methods and channels, there's a certain gap with international brands, these will be the development direction of our future.

Outdoor furniture industry positioning.

Outdoor furniture is mainly used for outdoor or semi-outdoor furniture for public activities. It is the material foundation that decides building outdoor space function and the important element that expresses outdoor space form. Now outdoor furniture can be divided into three main categories: one is the furniture that is permanently fixed outdoors, such as wooden pavilion, tent, solid wood table and chair, iron wood table and chair, etc. General this kind of furniture wants to choose high grade wood, have good anticorrosive sex, the weight also is heavy, put in outdoors for a long time. There is also the outdoor furniture that can be moved, such as the west rattan chair, folding wooden table chair, sun umbrella, simple pavilion. With time in the outdoor, need not when can receive it in the room, so this kind of furniture is more comfortable and practical, need not consider so much strong and anti-corrosion performance, can also according to personal interests to join some cloth art as an ornament. Another kind is can carry outdoor furniture, such as small mensal, eat and parasol, this kind of furniture is usually made of aluminum alloy or canvas, light weight, easy to carry, field trips, fishing is very suitable for, can also take some outdoor equipment, the best kind of burn oven rack, tents, add a lot of fun for outdoor travel.