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Analysis of the reasons for the rapid development of outdoor leisure chairs.

Mar 02, 2018

As an important part of the whole furniture, the basic content of outdoor leisure chairs generally refers to the rest facilities in the urban landscape facilities.

Fashion idea

As people material living conditions continue to improve, to buy healthy consumption idea become a new fashion, outdoor recreation outdoors in the vast space, people's mental and physical can get double harvest, this concept increasingly stretches

Concept of time

With the development of society, the welfare guarantee is becoming more and more perfect, and the extension and abundance of holiday time lay the foundation for people's outdoor life.

Economic conditions

Rich people, in addition to the necessities of life, have more savings, so they begin to invest in outdoor healthy leisure and sports.

Concept of space

The acceleration of China's urbanization process and the transformation of large-scale construction projects to landscape and functional type are to explore the public leisure venues of sightseeing, leisure and entertainment as the main body, and various senior citizens.

Housing and villas are started, a large number of construction of the hotel, gymnasium, office buildings, shops, garden, swimming pool, beach, park, golf course, tennis court, coffee shops, cafes, high-grade leisure entertainment, private houses, enterprises and institutions to outdoor leisure chairs, such as the leisure place with a strong demand and supplies, also greatly increase the area of outdoor recreational space.

It is these four basic conditions gradually have, so that China in recent years the outdoor leisure chair and the goods industry has made rapid progress. Although China's current outdoor recreational chair and accessories industry developing rapidly, but not become a manufacturing powerhouse, domestic manufacturing enterprises just by the low price to win into quality win lean production phase, whether quality varieties, design concept, marketing methods and channels, with the international brand, we still have some gap. China must use the trend of global integration, using open benign competition situation after joining the WTO, and study, to strengthen the exchanges and cooperation with foreign manufacturers strive to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the international market.