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Basic requirements for the quality of iron products.

Jan 24, 2018

The size and the size of the drawing requirements, according to the different features of the product, allow for one thousandth of the positive and negative deviation. The two products should be kept flat, straight, straight, smooth, smooth and smooth, without distortion or the appearance of a knot, and the pattern should be natural and smooth. Three welding should be beautiful, firm, the weld should be flat, can not fake welding. The proportion of the four patterns should be coordinated, and the main pattern should be grasped. 5. Ensure that the product is symmetrical in the upper and lower levels, which should be identical with the production of batch models. All the workpieces that are not easy to be polished after gas cutting or assembling, should be finished first and then assembled and welded together. When the seven flower pieces are welded with the main structure, they must be forged or polished before bending the flowers and assembling the welding. After forging, the workpiece of burr must be polished and then bent. Nine doors, fenced stair handrails, and so on, as long as there is no specific requirements, according to the safety standards, the distance between them should not be greater than 125MM. In order to produce large quantities of orders, we must first make the sample, after confirmation, we can produce. The treatment of galvanized products: 1 must weld the parts that can be welded together before galvanizing, and all of them are welded to the products. No special cases are allowed to be welded after galvanizing. 2. All galvanized products shall be used in the concealed position of the product before galvanizing, so as to ensure the smooth flow of zinc water and acid lotion. It is necessary to adopt the process opening of the sealant sealing, not to use the gas cutting and welding drilling. 4. For the sealing plate of door type, in order to prevent the deformation after galvanizing, it is not necessary to directly weld the whole zinc after welding. All products have Angle welding, which is not allowed to be soldered directly.