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Cane rocking chair

Jan 05, 2018

The cane rocking chair material

Bine is found in tropical rain forests of vines, light and tough, and therefore can weave all kinds of furniture, in the form of one of the biggest characteristic is hygroscopic absorption of heat, natural ventilation, insect-resistant eat by moth, not easily deformation and cracking such as physical properties can be equivalent to or exceeding high-grade hard miscellaneous wood.

The Indonesian vine is of the best quality

The cane makes the rocking chair to make the process flow

The process can be divided into eight parts: raw material selection, raw material grinding, raw material processing, polishing, assembling, knitting, semi-finished grinding and oil spraying.

Raw materials selection

There are many kinds of vines, 600 of which are known, among which are the centivine, the red rattan, the sato, the badando. As we used in the production of cane cane vine mainly padan, sand and li rattan cane. Padan cane and sand general thickness is uniform and cany chair is the superior material of the frame; Tento's flexibility is very good. It is an indispensable raw material for making dishes.

Raw material grinding

The surface of the vine is rough and is a kind of prickly plant, so it is important to "polish" the raw material when making it. This kind of polishing machine is a tool for polishing the raw materials of rattan, mainly using sand belt and grinding wheel. The grinding should be divided into two parts, one rough and one fine grinding.

The raw material processing

This is a common tool for making rattan chairs: fire gun, high-pressure air cooling gun, operating table. The setting of the operation table is simple but very useful, it is the main tool that makes the cane bend. On the operating table, two iron cylinder cylinders with diameters of 8 cm and 25 cm are fixed to the top, and the spacing between the two cylinders is 10 centimeters. The way we bend the vine is done on this counter.

The assembly

The assembly of our link is mainly assembled by the top of the top of the top of the chair armrest, rocker part, rocker disc and rocker support rod, which can carry out the assembly of the semi-side rocking chair. Before assembling, we still have to polish the parts, polishing the same way as before, and here we won't tell.

The tools for assembly are 5 electric drills, electric screwdrivers and 5 screws. This is our final assembly shape, because this part of the assembly technology is relatively simple, we are no longer in detail, using electric drill holing in the tags, each point in the two holes, again with the same type of screws are fixed, so that we will make the half rocking chair. Use the same method to make your partner's rocking chair

The cane rocking chair buy common sense

The rattan art rocking chair is advantageous, but it is also good because of the quality of the vine.

The choice of the material of fine materials is thick, symmetrical and unmixed rattan is the high quality vine. Inferior rattan is thinner, less ductile, less resistant to tension and easy to break. Indonesia is located in the equatorial rainforest regions, volcanic activity is frequent, at the age of the sun rain, fertile soil of pozzolana, make the material of rattan made in there is famous for its full symmetry.

Was made in the concept of "yan" overall color cane to make rocking chair color is consistent, whether solid bonding parts, appearance is correct is the main factor for testing it good or bad. About cany chair with cushion, carefully observe the seat cushion arc it fits the arc a furniture, cloth fabric pattern stitching is neat, dental floss is sleek straight.

The application and production of rattan furniture

Our country has a long history of the development and utilization of rattan. According to previous reports, before the han dynasty, there have been no, best furniture, people sit lie with furniture for more seats, couch, including woven cane seats, rattan mat and bamboo regulates Dian, was one of the senior. In the ancient books, such as "Yang fei", "the chicken Lin zhi" and "ji yuan ji", there are records of the rattan mat. The rattan mat was a simple kind of rattan furniture. Since the han dynasty, due to the development of productive forces, improve technological level of vines, the rattan furniture in China is increasing, the cany chair, rattan case, cane, cane bed screen, cane ware and handicraft production appeared. Chinese ancient books sui book is offering with rattan, compilation of the Ming dynasty zhengde years zhengde Joan Taiwan volunteers and the subsequent "cliff chuan tzu" describes the distribution and utilization of palm cane. Fujian quanzhou museum on zheng he's sinking of the Ming dynasty preserved rattan furniture, these are confirmed, then China's development level of rattan furniture. In the existing fine clear and clear furniture, also has the seat is a cane to make up the surface.

According to the book "yongchang fu zhi" published in the qing dynasty and the "tengyue hall zhi zhi" in the qing dynasty, the use of the palm vines in the tengchong, the tengchong of China, can be traced back to the tang dynasty, which has been in history for 1,500 years. In the southern yunnan province, the use of palm vines began in the early qing dynasty and has been in the history of more than 400 years, according to the qing dynasty and the new yunnan tongzhi. According to the study, yunnan rattan apparatus has been at a high level before world war ii. At that time, cane implement of yunnan are exported to southeast Asia and European countries such as Germany. In yunnan rattan, tengchong is the highest reputation. The cane is known as the tengchong three beautiful, history of sichuan the tengchong is also known as cane, cane, cane, which can have only a limited view, cane implement of tengchong, the great hall of the people who see it as a treasure collection.

Rattan care little common sense

1. Do not make contact and proximity to the source of heat and heat source when used and stored. Do not expose them in the sun for a long time. Otherwise, they will fade, dry, distort, bend, crack, loosen and disconnect.

2, because of the cane makes up furniture surface to hide grey place more, cleaner available when clean first suction or with a soft brush again from inside to outside dust brushed first, then with a wet cloth to wipe again, and finally with a soft cloth to wipe dry.

3. After using a period of time, wipes the rattan with light brine, which can not only stain but also make it durable, and also have a certain anti-crispy, anti-moth effect.

4. The method of reconditioning the original color rattan furniture: clean and dry first, then grind the outer rattan rack with sandpaper to remove the epidermis and restore smooth and gloss oil protection.