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Change to develop: Outdoor furniture should cater to future needs

Dec 18, 2017

Brilliant history is no longer

The last century, the late nineties to 2012 nearly ten years, was the industry as the plate outdoor furniture "golden age." People go shopping outdoor furniture stores is the most visible outdoor furniture plate, while accounting for more than half of the entire store, ranging from 1/3. And the location of the mall most of the gold plate outdoor furniture occupy. And now this grand occasion has gone forever, and now solid wood outdoor outdoor furniture has replaced the outdoor outdoor furniture became the mall's absolute protagonist.

In the recent three years, Shenzhen Outdoor Furniture Fair, for example, the panel outdoor furniture gradually shrinks from the size of three pavilions to a pavilion. At present, although the pavilion occupies the golden position in the venue, from the perspective of outdoor furniture with mixed software, Can see the embarrassment of its hard-pressed. From the exhibition situation, it is difficult to see the past, "people crowded" grand occasion. In contrast, solid wood outdoor furniture is a sudden emergence, increased from a museum to this year's three museums, crazy eating away the share of outdoor furniture plate.

On the other hand, the solid wood outdoor furniture, which was once overshadowed by the slab outdoor furniture, is now at the heart of major home stores with a steadily growing strategy in recent years. The number of stores is also gradually increasing. In general, solid wood outdoor furniture refers to the outdoor furniture made of natural wood, such outdoor furniture surface can generally see the beautiful wood pattern. Solid wood outdoor furniture varnish or matte paint to show the natural color of wood. Solid wood outdoor furniture is generally divided into two categories, one is pure solid wood outdoor furniture, outdoor furniture that all timber are solid wood, do not use any other form of wood-based panels.

It is understood that pure solid wood outdoor furniture on the craft and material requirements are high, solid wood selection, drying, stitching, patchwork and other requirements are very strict. If a process of lax check, small then there cracking, loose joints and other phenomena, large sets of outdoor furniture deformation, or even unusable. The other is imitation solid wood outdoor furniture, from the exterior view is solid wood outdoor furniture, wood's natural texture, feel and color are solid wood outdoor furniture exactly the same, but in fact mixed with solid wood and wood-based outdoor furniture.

The outdoor furniture plate refers to the MDF or particleboard surface veneer and other technology made of outdoor furniture. A large part of this outdoor furniture is wood grain simulation outdoor furniture. Currently on the market for sale some of the outdoor furniture plate more realistic lifter, gloss, feel so good, of course, its finely crafted product prices are also very expensive.

Panel outdoor furniture because the shape is more rich and varied colors, generally favored by young consumers. But the panel outdoor furniture with particleboard, more involved in the environmental issues of adhesives, and sometimes there will be quality problems. However, now the regular manufacturers of outdoor furniture plate, has basically been able to meet the national environmental standards, but from time to time there are "slip through the net," so that consumers panic. Therefore, we can not simply rely on solid wood and plate to determine the environmental protection of outdoor furniture, but from the brand to provide the advantages and disadvantages of products, to distinguish the quality of outdoor furniture.

Hope that young consumers sustenance

Due to the solid wood outdoor furniture, green, environmental and other attributes, the sales of outdoor furniture plate gradually decline. The reason why many consumers do not choose the plate outdoor furniture, the biggest concern is the environmental level. Consumers have certain concerns are natural, in fact, as long as the plate outdoor furniture through the production of modern equipment, fully able to meet the current environmental requirements.

From the perspective of economic development, with the massive exploitation of solid wood resources, solid wood outdoor furniture will inevitably be less and less, and based on the common phenomenon of domestic first marriage, the demand for outdoor furniture has some support, and in The future, solid wood will certainly unsustainable supply. On the other hand, the majority of people prefer solid wood outdoor furniture after the 60, 70, and 80, 90 after the current consumer body, they prefer the modern style of outdoor furniture products.

Solid wood outdoor furniture rapid rapid advances in recent years, its continuous improvement of design and environmental protection contributed, so, for the outdoor furniture business plate, saw the market changes, but also continue to introduce multiple styles of products to Adapt to different consumer needs.

On the other hand, there are huge environmental pressures on the outdoor furniture of the slab; on the other hand, the outdoor furniture of solid wood is puzzled by the shortage of materials and the high prices. Perhaps the market's continuous changes bring new opportunities and challenges to the two outdoor furniture campuses. Believe that in this era of full change, only the constant courage to innovate and change and meet consumer demand is the key to the long-term development of the two camps.