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China swing chair industry development

Jan 08, 2018

Market Size

The Size of the Market , i.e., Market capacity, in this report, refers to the target product or industry's overall Size, usually with production, production, consumption, consumption and other indicators to reflect the Size of the Market. Thousand a consultancy study of the size of the market, not only for the past five years of research to find the size of the market, but also for the next five years to predict the scale industry market analysis, market size may be directly decided the enterprise investment scale of new product design and development; In addition, the market scale of the year-on-year growth rate can fully reflect the growth of the industry. If a product or industry is in a high speed growth period, it is worth the attention and investment of the enterprise. The third chapter of this report has very detailed data and description of the market size and year-on-year growth rate of the swing chair industry

The consumption structure

Consumption structure refers to the composition of products or services consumed. The present report mainly studies consumption structure from three perspectives: product structure, user structure and regional structure. 1. Product structure, mainly studies the consumption of various products or services, and the proportion of the product or service scale in the whole market scale; 2. The user structure, mainly research the product or service sales to which user groups, and the consumption scale of various user groups in the whole market scale; 3. Regional structure, mainly research the sales of products or services to the key areas, as well as the proportion of the consumption scale of certain key regional markets in the whole market scale. The research on consumption structure will help enterprises to better grasp target customers and market segments, thus adjusting the product structure, better serving customers and responding to market competition.

The market share

Market share, also known as market share, refers to the proportion of a company's sales (or sales) of its kind in the market. Market share is one of the important indicators for enterprises to judge their own market position, and is also an important basis for the discussion and formulation of market strategies of numerous and large and medium-sized enterprises. On the study of market share, the overall market is divided into market share and market share target market, this report to the Chinese market as the research object, the Chinese market is the overall market, and some particular provinces, the city is the target market.

Market concentration

Market Concentration, Market Concentration Rate) is the Market structure of the whole industry Concentration measurement, is to determine the Market structure is the most basic, the most important factor, Concentration reflected the degree of Market competition and monopoly, often use the Concentration measurement of indicators are: the industry Concentration ratio (CRn), hull fender - Hector seaman index (Herfindahl - HirschmanIndex, abbreviated: HHI, hereinafter referred to as "Hector seaman index), lorentz curve and gini coefficient, inverse index and entropy index, such as the Concentration ratio (CRn) and Hector seaman index (HHI) two indicators are often used in the antitrust economic analysis. This report the study of market concentration is the industry concentration ratio measurement indicators used (CRn), CRn refers to the industry's first n within a designated market of the largest companies combined share of the market, for example, CR4 refers to the industry's four largest market share in the sum of the enterprise. The greater the value of CRn, the higher the monopoly level of the industry, and the majority of customers are concentrated in several enterprises.