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Choose real wood dining table and chair matters.

Jan 23, 2018

What should be paid attention to when choosing real wood dining table and chair?

The first condition of choosing a dining table and chair is the area of the dining area. If dining-room area is very big, can choose abound qualitative feeling, match with space; Table and chair with moderate area; If the dining area is limited, and the number of diners is not certain, then the folding or telescopic table can be chosen.

Second look the style, the style of dining table and chair is best and dining-room decorate collocation is appropriate, if cannot be sure, had better choose the table that the style is consistent. In the relative shape, the round table is suitable for the smaller square restaurant, and the democratic atmosphere of the family is more intense. Rectangular table will appear atmosphere, suit the family that often opens party to use. Square table is generally small, can appear warm a lot of.

The choice of solid wood furniture should first check whether the structure is firm, can exert force to push vertically, use hand pressure to test. When the choose and buy in one meter far beyond observation should be the same color, whether the same color, if not consistent, that is the color, surface treatment should be observed from details such as joint, back bend, whether joint closely, is consistent with the positive. So line or special-shaped design, can to see if uneven illumination, smooth lines, surface paint is uniform, hand feel is smooth, without burr, to found a group of the illumination, color is not uniform, technology not perfect products, must look to the light. Check whether the hardware and wood are properly matched, if the process is not good, there is paint on the common hardware, there are scars on the wood, or there are problems on the firm.

How to choose solid wood dining table and chair?

Now, in the so-called real wood furniture that sells on the market (including the eat desk and chair), the average person is difficult to distinguish, because there are many of the so-called "real wood furniture is stickers, (such as density board on a paper layer with wood grain). Like a real wood table, there is a lot of it is the desktop is the "cabinet board", just four legs and the table around is solid wood.


Look at the opposite side of the table (the low wooden frame), and look at the opposite side of the chair. Look at the edges and the cross-section of the wood (the wood is cross-sectional). If it's a sticker, you can always see it.

2, smell

Smell it with your nose and smell it as wood or paint or glue.

3, shallow

Choose solid wood furniture to choose light color easily. In general, real wood furniture does not cover its original features with strong colors. Unless it's true.

4, price

It can be said that real wood furniture prices are very high, it depends on what wood. For example, the real wood table of 1.2 meters can't be bought for a few hundred yuan.