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Classification and description of lounge chairs.

Jan 18, 2018

The reclining chair already appeared in the People's Daily life as early as the ancient times, with the modern leisure life promotion, the reclining chair begins big.

Quantity appears in People's Daily leisure life. All kinds of names are derived.

I hope that through the following simple categories and instructions, you can have a preliminary understanding of the lounge chair, and can purchase it.

In the process of the lounge chair. There is a preliminary understanding. If you want to know more or have a purchase intention, please come to me.

The space, the head on the phone, or access to the picture on the website for a detailed chat.

For example, from the material is called, use solid wood to make a real wood deck chair, use aluminium alloy to make the call aluminium alloy deck chair, use PE cane.

It's called a cane deckchair and so on. In daily life the place that deck chair USES is also various, use in outdoors call outdoor deck chair, use in recreational area call Hugh.

Lounge chair, used in the pool call pool deck chair. Some are named after groups, such as hotel recliners and property.

Lounge chairs, lounge chairs, etc.

But no matter what they call it, the reclining chair will not be able to separate from the outdoor lounge chair, which is used for swimming.

A kind of furniture that people use for leisure. As to what is called, they go their own way. For example, the following lounge chairs can be called.

The outdoor lounge chair.