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Comparison of outdoor furniture and interior furniture

Aug 29, 2017

Outdoor furniture and indoor furniture contrast, appear outdoor furniture material selection and modelling requirements more stringent.
Compared with indoor furniture, outdoor furniture is mainly rattan furniture and teak furniture, the most prominent feature of outdoor furniture is the selection of materials and internal frame structure. High-end outdoor furniture to take into account the need to anti-ultraviolet, high and low temperature, but also need to consider the outdoor climate and humidity changes, weak acid base on the corrosion of furniture. Outdoor furniture is mainly in the choice of materials to fully consider their resistance to natural weather conditions outdoors.

The interior frame structure of outdoor furniture is also very important, the use of aluminum alloy skeleton is more common, in the outdoor furniture need easy to move the layout, this is the choice of lighter aluminum alloy as the backbone of one of the main willing. In addition, outdoor furniture is placed outdoors, the need to anti-oxidation does not rust, this is the choice of aluminum alloy for the skeleton of the two reasons. The metal frame of the outdoor furniture is also best formed once, reduce the weld point, this is advantageous to maintain the stability at the same time reduces the outside environment to its influence and the distortion and so on, such outdoor rattan furniture is more perfect.

Outdoor rattan furniture design compared to the interior furniture more attention to people's visual requirements, in line with the visual beauty, so as to give people with comfortable environment. So many designers to flow line, arc and other beautiful lines of shape as the theme, giving a comfortable feeling, giving the outdoor furniture a unique attraction. Its design principles in line with the human body curve and its own material properties for two characteristics, outdoor furniture modelling, so that the body and mind can be combined to get the best sense of belonging.