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Deck chair design

Jan 08, 2018

Defects and deficiencies in the design of contemporary lounge chairs

At the beginning of the design of the lounge chair, we conducted in-depth study and investigation on contemporary lounge chairs. Found now most domestic leisure chair design defects or defects, deficiencies, deck chair design monotonous, no new elements into the current demand for deck chair, moreover single function, the lack of humanized design, simple to set up, single color, material selection, all such outstanding problems as unreasonable restricts the developing domestic deck chair design

The purpose of study on deck chair design

People to the urban outdoor activities increased enthusiasm, on the one hand, to ask for more space for outdoor activities, on the other hand also requires a higher quality of outdoor activities, recreational facilities, to provide more outdoor space for people to get temporary leisure and communication when they are tired. It is an extension of the family space that will extend the sense of belonging of the family to the sense of belonging to the city. The design of new deck chair will help people to connect with each other, enrich people's life, and improve the service function of urban and rural areas.

Introduction to reclining chair

A chair used for rest and other purposes. The recliner is a kind of furniture that appears in the qing dynasty with new styles and functions. The deck chair still has a lot of name, "bed chair", "warm chair", "easy chair", "spring chair" "the chair of the concubine" and so on, be the different appellation of the deck chair of a certain style. The materials used in modern reclining chairs can be: mahogany, bamboo, rattan, aluminum alloy, Oxford cloth, canvas, tesla, etc.

Use of deckchairs

Since the chair is more relaxing than the traditional chair, it can relax and rest in a semi-sleep state. Therefore, it is widely used in hospital escorts, siesta chairs, outdoor leisure chairs and so on. And the folding deck chair is more because of its convenient and practical, fold flexibility, take up the space small, carry convenient and so on the characteristic, is widely used in the travel recreational, the office siesta and so on. In some emergency natural disasters, it also has an irreplaceable role in the rapid resettlement of victims.