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Definition of outdoor furniture

Dec 18, 2017

material selection

If long-term outdoor, the inevitable wind and the sun, so you have to do a good job of deformation and fading homes have the psychological preparation. If the price of timber to consider the choice of factors, generally middle and low and high-end timber of two options, if the price is low, the general choice of domestic Metasequoia or pine and the like, if you want good crack resistance, durability, the general choice of imported camphor Wood, pineapple grid, African teak or Myanmar teak, for the protection of forests, environmental protection, but also a lot of synthetic wood, such as some plastic wood, green wood, the election after a material made of solid wood furniture, not only looks beautiful, Looks good color, and tenon is not easy to crack, deformation. You have to be careful about the choice of connectors as it relates to the ruggedness and safety of outdoor furniture.

Metal Material: General general steel, stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron cast aluminum, general steel, cast iron material is easy to rust, aluminum alloy better rust resistance, cast aluminum and stainless steel rust better, but the price is more More expensive.

Material selection

Wood material

In general, to choose a larger oil wood, such as fir, pine, teak, etc., and must be done preservative treatment; production process is also important, because the long-term exposure, the deformation is inevitable. If the craft is not off, the furniture is probably because the mortise and tenons are not strong or expansion coefficient is not right and scattered rack;

In addition, wooden outdoor furniture often needs wood oil or paint maintenance.

Plastic material

With the lack of wood resources, more and more wood products are also widely used, such as plastic wood, plastic wood, PVC, PS modified materials, with the improvement of technology, these plastic products weathering stronger, not Rot, no discoloration, anti-aging, no moth-eaten, and most of them are made of recycled plastic and made a great contribution to environmental protection.

Outdoor furniture picture

Outdoor furniture picture

Metal Material

Compared to wood outdoor furniture, metal is more durable, aluminum or water-treated alloy of the best, but be careful to prevent the impact.

Bamboo and rattan material

Bamboo rattan outdoor furniture beautiful, but the expensive, but difficult to take care, easy to accumulate dust and moldy, so be sure to choose good quality and specially treated. However, the market is actually a kind of imitation rattan outdoor furniture - West rattan, the price cheaper than the rattan, like a dirty brush like, and durable, more suitable for outdoor use.

Permanent type

Such as wooden booths, tents, solid wood tables and chairs, tables and chairs and other iron wood. The general choice of such furniture to high-quality wood, has good corrosion resistance, the weight is relatively heavy, long-term outdoor.

Movable type

Such as West rattan Taiwan chairs, Teslin chairs can be folded wooden tables and chairs and parasols. Used when placed outdoors, when not in storage can be placed in the room, so this kind of furniture more comfortable and practical, do not consider so much solid and anti-corrosion properties, but also can be added according to personal preferences, such as fabric embellishment.


Such as small tables, chairs and parasols, this type of furniture is generally made of aluminum or canvas, light weight, easy to carry, wild travel, fishing is very suitable, it is best to bring some outdoor equipment, barbecue stove Racks, tents, add a lot of fun for outdoor travel.

West window outdoor home

West window outdoor home