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Folding tent

Feb 26, 2018

 It can be used for outdoor exhibition and product promotion, celebration party, exhibition and sale, tourism leisure, field work, and file. Temporary activities such as singing and dancing party, can also be used as a park scenic resort of leisure facilities for a long time, simple operation, easy to install: one minute to complete the opening and closing is simple and convenient. Lightweight and durable, easy to carry increases with the increasing opening with a long service life. High quality material, durable easy clean huo all-weather suitable waterproof sunscreen. The tent was carried in parts and assembled on site, so various parts and tools were needed. To understand the name and use of each part, familiar with the structure of the tent, the tent can be set up quickly and conveniently.

Tent body: tent cloth, prop and cushion.

Pillar: also known as a pillar, perpendicular to the ground. Having a straight line or two or three connections. The bending parts of some tubular struts need to be connected by wire. Border: used in a warhead tent or hut type tent, to make a pillar or a pillar in a short bar. Building: the top part of the tent. Roof: part of a pitched tent. Wall: part of the wall on the side of the tent. Some tents are not at all. Shelter: one part of the roof, open to the front, supported by other supports. Door: the entrance to the tent. A window can be set on the other side. Floor mat: a mat for the tent in the ground. If the humidity is heavy, there will be a bamboo mat. Fly mat: on the roof of the tent, and then laid on the mat, to avoid the strong sunlight. That is, the second roof main rope: also known as the string. It is separated by the two ends of the strut, which is used to avoid the column tilting and is fixed with a nail. Angle rope: it is extended from the four corners of tent cloth and fixed with nails. Waist rope: it is extended from the base of the tent curtain and fixed with nails. Nail: the base of the ground, fixed ropes and tent curtains. There are wooden. Metal and synthetic resin. Wooden hammer or hammer: use when hitting a nail on the ground. A piece of wood or metal that is attached to the main rope or rope. The cable passes through two small holes in it to control the cable. Bag: a cloth bag with a cloth curtain and a prop, a nail, and a wooden hammer.