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How should copy cane furniture maintain?

Jan 02, 2018

Common sense of family

The old and new furniture in the home experienced the test of time, the problem also comes with, dirty, scratches, craze, even deformation, this can let a person look very uncomfortable. Big problem famous new outdoor furniture manufacturer's warranty, small problem oneself can be solved. A, rattan articles or rattan products use long time will have accumulated scale, change color, usable salt water scrubbed, can decontamination, can also make its soft pine has toughness. Wipe it with a wet towel and keep it clean. B. Tea on a fireproof board, which will leave ugly patches for a long time. At this time, you can sprinkle some water on the table, wipe with the tin foil in the cigarette box, wash with water, can wash the tea trace. C, hot cup and so on directly put on furniture lacquer face, will leave a circle of burn mark. Generally, only use kerosene, alcohol, flower dew or strong tea dipped in damp cloth to wipe, or with iodine on the hot mark gently wipe or apply a layer of vaseline oil; Wipe the ironing mark with a rag on two days and then eliminate. D, firework, soot or unextinguished matches; Sometimes they leave a mark on the furniture. If only the paint surface is cauterizing, can be in the toothpick of a layer of fine cloth lightly wipe the trace. Then apply a layer of wax, and the scar can be removed. E, outdoor furniture trademarks are erased and left with sticky residue, sticky and dirty, the use of rough eraser works fine, the gum on the floor can also be used eraser. F, home desktop, white white rattan chair is very easy to get dirty, and the cloth is not easy to wipe the dirty mark, might as well try to use toothpaste squeezed in a clean dishcloth, gently only, a stain on the imitation rattan furniture will be removed. Force not too big, do not injure lacquer surface. G, if the rattan furniture paint scratches, not touch wood, furniture can be used with the same colour color crayons or wound in outdoor furniture paint, covering exposed at the bottom of the color, and then with a thin layer of transparent nail polish. H, when outdoor furniture or floor cracks, can cut broken old newspapers, adding suitable amount of alum, with water or rice water to the boil into a paste and then embedded in the cracks and flat, with a knife after dry very strong again with the same color paint, wood can be restored to its original form. I, if imitation rattan furniture back large deformation should be replaced, be affected with damp be affected with damp furniture must be four MATS flat, or uneven variant, push-pull type coat cupboard door don't light meaning with the mirror, the mirror too overweight will make the cupboard door down pressure track. J, electric electroplating switch such as regular touch, can lose the luster to be eroded by sweat, can often daub vaseline, prevent salt erosion. K, normally should be the leather, wooden furniture waxes, can use the goods such as bilizhu, only peacetime how to maintain commonly can commonly new. Cane to make furniture decontamination cleaning method Soap cleaning method: every once in a while, wooden furniture should be clean, can use soft cloth or sponge when washing with soap water scrubbing of temperature, light dry after appearing, and users is furniture wax oil besmear to brush made of lapis lazuli. Milk cleaning method: use a clean rag to put in the milk that can't drink after expiration or general edible milk to dip, then use this dishcloth to wipe a table to wait for wooden furniture, remove dirt effect is very good. Finally clean it with clean water. Applicable to a variety of furniture. Tea water cleaning method: the furniture that has been painted is stained with dust, usable sandcloth to wrap wet tea residue to wipe, or use cold tea water to scrub, can make furniture special bright and clean and bright. Beer cleaning method: take 1400 ml of boiling ale, 14 grams of sugar and 28 grams beeswax, fully mixing, when the mixture is cooled, dip in with soft cloth wipe wood, etc. And then with a soft dry cloth to wipe brush. This law is applicable to the cleaning of oak furniture

White vinegar cleaning method: use equal amount of white vinegar and hot water to wipe the furniture surface, then use a piece of soft cloth to wipe hard. It is suitable for the maintenance of mahogany furniture and other furniture to be cleaned after the oil ink stain. Lemon cleaning method: if it is polished or lacquered wood is left behind by the heat of the light wood, it can be wiped with half lemons and then used in a soft cloth soaked in hot water. At last, the dry soft cloth is quickly wiped and polished to restore the original. Toothpaste cleaning method: the white paint of furniture surface, the day will turn yellow, look very uncool. Can be used for the dip of toothpaste or tooth powder, paint color can be turned from yellow to white. But do not use friction, lest paint wipe off, destroy furniture surface. In addition, the furniture has the dust, don't use the chicken feather duster to sweep, because the dust of the flying dust will fall back to the furniture. You should wipe off the dust on your furniture with a half-dry, semi-wet cloth. If there are stains on the carpet, such as coffee, cola or juice, use a dry cloth to absorb the liquid and gently wipe it with a wet cloth. If the stain is still there, spray the stain with a carpet spray, then make it powder, and absorb it as usual. In addition, the steam washing machine is used every year to clean the carpet once, it will be expelled from the side of the hot steam to absorb the stain. Paper towel function clever use the kitchen to be filled with lampblack every day, it is household cleans health priority. Spray, where oil is more on the kitchen cleaner, and then above the napkins on the shop, this cleaner can moist, more fully combined with dirt, but not quickly evaporate. After 15 minutes or so, most of the oil will be attached to a wet paper towel, then wipe it clean with a wet paper towel. The bathroom clean tips because the bathroom is the place that must be used every day, so, if you don't pay attention to the temperature and high humidity environment, and easy to breed bacteria, can endanger the health of my family. If the bathroom has a window, it is better to open frequently, let the air circulate, besides, the concept of wet and dry separation also should be promoted further. How can you take care of the bathroom cleaning? Provide the following several cleaning tips: 1. Painful urination, urinary pain because of infected with urine and feces, easy, if not daily to clean, can easily form macular stains, also let breed mold and bacteria. The correct step of cleaning, should lift seat cushion first, spray inside with clean lavatory agent, after a few minutes, use toilet brush to wash thoroughly once again, brush wash toilet seat and other aperture. Because toilet outlet around the place is the place that shelter evil people and practices easily, general gun type toilet lavatory agent, and can't get cleaner spray in there, so it is best to use unique duck tongue design (lavatory agent), to further around the toilet, removal of dirties. As for the average person more easily ignored toilet outside the base, apply cleaner spray scrub again, wash with water and oil, and finally, with a clean cloth to dry, the whole can bright white as new. In the end, you can put an automatic toilet cleaner in the toilet cistern, and do a good job of cleaning, sterilizing and descaling. However, remind people not to mix the acidic, neutral or alkaline cleaner of different ingredients to avoid dangerous chemical changes. 2. Wash tub & basin of wash one's hands: residual soap scum due to these two places, therefore, can be sprayed on some "bath kitchen all-purpose cleaner, reoccupy cloth again, can return to the original finish. Regardless of the bath crock or wash basin of what kind of material, it is best not to use cantaloupe cloth or hard brush or deface powder brush wash, lest injure surface material. As for the shower head and faucet clean way, because most of all is the use of hard water in Taiwan area, using long, shower then easy to water to lime scale block, therefore, best can long shower head will be removed, with an old toothbrush wipes sprinkler head, with thick needle from inside remove obstruction, to make water is normal. The hard water sediment treatment of the faucet can be wiped away by the lemon slice. Want to let the mirror of toilet mirror show bright effect, with [stable clean glass cleaner] wipe, not only can be bright and incomparable, still have anti-mist, dustproof effect. 3. Red brick: due to the heavy humidity in the bathroom, if you do not pay attention, in the fine seam between the tile, it is easy to breed the plaque. At this time, the most rapid and effective solution, it is to spray a few on the above (avoid you wash the bathroom to go to the mildew), do not have to scrub, can achieve the effect that go to mildew, descaling and sterilization. 4. The shower curtain & mat: shower curtain and mat used after period of time, hard to avoid can have compounded plaque, at this point, can be used (from your bathroom to mildew agent) to wipe, can get rid of the ugly plaque. The cane furniture to make furniture decontamination with salt water cane to weave furniture day long fouling not only affect appearance, also very unhygienic, but should not be washed with ordinary detergent, lest damage cane. It is best to use saline to scrub, not only can decontamination, still can make cane soft and rich flexibility.

Toothpaste clean porcelain products good toothpaste is wash porcelain products are in place, such as sink, make peace with about the same amount of brushing your teeth, or directly with old tooth brush with the hand rub sink again, then clean with clear water, the effect is very good. Clean the six big taboos 1, plastic floor water mop. Cleaning plastic floor with water will make the detergent and water and glia play a chemical role, causing the ground surface to be degummed or stilted. If you encounter water on the plastic floor, you should dry it as soon as possible. 2, cane sofa USES hot water to wipe the leather sofa to avoid to use hot water to wipe, otherwise meeting because temperature is too high to make cortical deformation. Use wet cloth to lightly rub, if touch oily stain, usable release dilute soapy water gently wipe. 3. Wash the pan with the front and not wash the front side of the pan, wash the front and back immediately, and be sure to dry. But most people are very wrong to just wash the surface and not wash the bottom. Because of the bottom of the pot, the soup that is often covered with dishes, if not cleaned, will remain at the bottom, and the thickness of the bottom of the pot will thicken gradually. The pot is getting heavier and heavier, and it will also affect the cooking, so you must wash it with the opposite side, and then put it on the stove to dry it, so as to completely remove the water vapour. 4. Cane weave furniture USES ordinary detergent to brush wash cane furniture to use ordinary detergent to brush wash, can injure cane. It is best to use saline to scrub, not only can decontamination, still can make cane soft and rich flexibility. The dust on the cane chair, usable wool head soft brush from the net eye is swept by the inside out dust. If the stain is too heavy, use the detergent to wipe it off and dry it again. If white cane chair, finally still wipe a bit of vinegar, make it with detergent, in case of change of color. Dip baking soda water with a brush to wash the cane chair, also can get rid of the dirt. Use water to wipe your computer, TV and sound computers, televisions and stereos are all sophisticated machines, and don't wipe them with water when you clean them. When cleaning home appliance, can use light electrostatic dusting brush wipe dirt, and can prevent electrostatic generation. A small hole or a button groove that is used to plug a headset in household appliances. If bilge is more hard, can use toothpick wrap cloth to clean, can easily eliminate. Acoustics and computer cope with to go up after alcohol is attenuant is the buttons on the most appropriate, however, you can install alcohol in key-press in the gush on the button, the dry cloth that USES pure cotton next is wiped, already can purify besmirch, also can disinfect. At the same time, clothing softener also can be used in household cleanness, wipe the home appliance with the water that has softness, can make it is not easy to get dust in a week, the effect is excellent. 6. The detailed guideline of the walking route is: from top to bottom, from the inside out, place the cleaning appliance in a bucket and let it follow you at any time and clean the room in a clockwise direction. Centralize the required cleaning equipment and keep the cleaned rooms clean and tidy. Clean the household to catch dust again.