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How to buy real wood deck chair?

Jan 23, 2018

The solid wood deck chair, the general color is brownish red and the original wood color. On color, can choose according to your own like most friends are like the original wood color, because can more close to nature, in terms of product defects, also can see more clearly. It is recommended that you do not choose your friends.

The second point is whether the wood of the deck chair has white series, wood spot, black line and tree scar. Good timber tree scar less no miscellaneous lines and wood and black lines and so on, and the texture is clear and beautiful!

Secondly, the weight of the wood and the weight of the wood are heavy. The same design of different storefronts, the most direct can be compared to the weight. Wood is no more than a steel deck chair. So use your laptop for comparison.

Then look at the workmanship! Good deck chair is very exquisite in the processing of wood, every detail handles very perfect especially the place of interface and interface, oneself pay attention to see below! A good recliner is ergonomic, and you can lie down on your own, and many reclining chairs will not last long, and you'll feel pain in your neck. This is the workmanship is not exquisite.

Of course, good products must be higher in price, which is certainly not absolute. If the price is too low, then there really is nothing good!