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How to choose outdoor furniture

Aug 29, 2017

Choose from material choice: if long-term put outdoors, inevitable wind and sun, so you want to do a good home with a certain deformation and fading psychological preparation. Wood Selection If the consideration of price factors, generally low and high-grade wood two options, if you want to lower prices, the general choice of domestic metasequoia or pine, and so on, if you want to crack-resistant, durable, generally choose to import wood camphor, pineapple lattice, African teak or Burmese teak, now out of the protection of forests, protection of environmental protection, there are many synthetic wood, such as some plastic wood, green wood, etc., after the selection of a material made of solid wood furniture, not only the appearance of beautiful, good-looking, and tenon is not easy to crack, deformation In the selection of connectors, you should be more careful, because it concerns the solidity and safety of outdoor furniture.
Then select from the material connection process:
Metal Materials: General steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, cast iron cast aluminum and so on, Pu steel, cast iron material easy to rust, aluminum alloy rust-proof ability, cast aluminum and stainless steel rust-proof ability, but the price is more expensive.
Wood commonly used mortise and tenon fixed, so beautiful and durable, welcome to Thai furniture generally used this way, but the need for wood technology to make a good look, some places are also connected with screws fixed.
Metal is generally welded to the fixed, also useful screw method fixed.