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How to choose umbrella one

May 14, 2018

Buying a genuine umbrella has become a concern for many consumers. He Lingjun, Secretary General of the Umbrella Professional Committee, said that the umbrella is the key to measuring the effectiveness of UV protection.

1. Cotton, silk, nylon fabrics are not as good as polyester;

2. Some umbrella fabrics are thin and sparse. It is best to pick fabrics tightly.

3. Satin fabric is the best, followed by twill and plain weave;

4. The umbrella surface should not be small;

5. The darker the fabric, the better. Experts suggest that when picking an umbrella, it might be good to open the umbrella to see the shadow on the ground, and the color of the shadow is good.

There is also a parasol on the market. The surface of the umbrella is coated with a layer of silver glue. We often hear about business introductions. Nowadays, most parasols can prevent UV radiation. The price is mainly due to different brands. Is this really the case? According to experts, a qualified UV umbrella needs special coating treatment. Even if the most common fabric is used, the cost will be around 20 yuan. Many cheap umbrellas can only block part of the sun, let alone prevent UV rays.