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How to choose umbrella two

May 15, 2018

 According to the international standards in the "Evaluation of Textiles against UV-rays", when the UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) value is greater than 30 and the transmittance is less than 5%, it can be referred to as "anti-UV product". Experts advise that rain has a corrosive effect on sunscreen coatings. In order to maintain the sunscreen performance of sunshades, it must be used separately from the umbrella. If the umbrella surface is dirty, you can use soft brush to dip in the water to gently scrub, but not to wash it by hand, and do not do it too often, otherwise it will also affect the sunscreen effect.

A qualified UV umbrella requires special coating treatment. Umbrella is the key to measuring the effectiveness of UV protection.

First, cotton, silk, nylon fabrics are not as good as polyester;

Second, some umbrella fabrics are thin and sparse. It is best to pick fabrics closely;

Third, the best satin fabric, then the twill, plain;

Fourth, the umbrella should not be small;

Fifth, the darker the fabric, the better. The umbrella surface is coated with a layer of silver glue to block UV rays. Although the protective effect of silver plastic surface is good, but easy to black after exposure to sunlight, in fact, silver gel coating inside or outside does not affect the sunscreen effect, the best choice of silver plastic in the inside, not easy to fall off.

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