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Imitation rattan furniture can be used for several years

Aug 29, 2017

1. Good imitation rattan furniture selection of new PE imitation rattan materials, inbound channels are large, and some imported rattan, product quality is guaranteed. Rattan production process are added UV sunscreen components, service life has been rigorously tested, are guaranteed to have 3,000 hours a day sun quality, the general price is more than 18 yuan per kg, and ordinary poor rattan, the use of recycled waste cane as the main material, will not add UV sunscreen ingredients, low cost, low price to 5 yuan per kilogram, quality is not guaranteed. Almost 3 months break, fade, until completely scrapped;
2. Good imitation rattan material can ensure outdoor all-weather sun use 3,000 hours, according to the southern areas of more sunshine, at least 3 years can be used;
3. Even a good imitation of rattan material, also need a good framework. Iron frame Materials General factory is very difficult to do anti-rust treatment or even do not deal with, will soon rust, and even the framework loose, can not be used. Rusty rust water can even pollute the ground, to the customer to bring significant losses; so high-quality imitation rattan furniture is generally used aluminum alloy materials, the material is more than 6063 international standard aluminum, aluminum alloy material will not rust, surface after electrostatic spraying can effectively prevent oxidation, can ensure long-term use. Under normal circumstances, the life of aluminum alloy frame is longer than the life of rattan, so customers can rest assured that the use. There are many customers in the rattan before the normal life expectancy for better appearance, and take back to the factory to repeat the rattan, also is a good use strategy;
4. The general consumer can not judge good imitation rattan furniture, because even the inferior materials made of imitation rattan furniture, in the new initial use, only with the naked eye can not easily judge. Therefore, the general consumer should try to choose the big brand, more internet inquiries about the manufacturer's reputation, understand the strength of the producers to make a decision;
5. In-person production plant acceptance can pull rattan, if it can be elongated effectively and will not break, generally regarded as a good quality of the rattan, that is, with a new PE material to do; but this result can not determine whether the cane added UV components, so can only be a part of the test, to get accurate information, but also need to submit professional agencies monitoring.