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Introduction to beach umbrella

Jan 19, 2018

The beach umbrella was designed according to the garden umbrella. But now with the further promotion of minimalist lifestyle and business development of leisure industry, beach umbrella has been widely applied to the beach, beautiful modelling, effective sunscreen effect, cheap outdoor more conducive to the further promotion of his commercial purposes.

The beach umbrella is easy to move, easy to disassemble, low cost, and can make announcement LOGO and other advantages.

According to the shape, can be divided into the side column umbrella, the column umbrella. It's round and square.

Side column is introduced

1. Unilateral independence of the umbrella, with 100% space utilization. Avoid the trouble and awkwardness of the traditional parasol in use to perforate the table.

2. Precise design of transmission mechanism and pulley system, a person can easily open and close, easy to operate, convenient.

3. With strong wind resistance, the air vent is formed with umbrellas, beautiful and beautiful, and with the umbrella support, strong enough to withstand the wind below the 4-5 level.

4. Main body and seperate design, it is easy to separate or combine them without any tools, and it is easy to move and carry them.

5. It can be easily removed and easy to clean.

6. Fabric specification can be customized: personalized umbrella printing, advertising LOGO (e.g. McDonald's, starbucks, xining house)

7. Durable, anti-aging and easy to fade.

Introduction of medium column umbrella

1, appearance

The design comes from the tree of nature, the central pillar support principle, the delicate double pulley system, one person can easily open and close together.

2, the umbrella

Umbrella cloth by shading the best polyester cloth, studies have shown that the umbrella thick fabric than thin uv radiation performance is good, in general, cotton, silk, nylon, viscose fabrics such as uv effect is poorer, and polyester, polyester fabric has waterproof, sunscreen, do not fade, uv protection ability and other characteristics, umbrella cloth color variety of blackish green, wine red, white, blue, dark blue, brown, orange, yellow, green, etc., and the umbrella has the gloss color more handsome and lively. The company's logo and logo can be printed on the umbrella, and the printing is vivid and clear. It is a good outdoor advertisement carrier for the company.

3. Umbrella bracket.

Umbrella framework USES the high quality of high strength aluminum alloy, stretching performance is good, the wind resistance is strong, hard and not easily broken, or extrusion deformation, surface electrostatic spraying, stand up to the sun, it is not easily fade, affect beautiful.


If it is not necessary, do not wash the parasol. If you must clean it, it is better to wash the surface with clean water. In fact, the best way is not to buy a light shade umbrella, so that you do not use the beef. And I heard that the dark shade of sunshade is better than a light umbrella. Wine red and dark green are good choices.

Make a cleaning solution for the sunshade. As long as white vinegar and detergent are available, it is important to choose a detergent that does not contain alkali. Prepare a disposable paper cup. The material is ready, the work will begin immediately. First of all, the detergent comes in, and the detergent is poured into a disposable paper cup, and the detergent can be used as long as it is not over the bottom of the paper cup. Next, white vinegar, pour half a cup of white vinegar into the glass. Remember it's half a cup, and the remaining half is filled with about 40 degrees of warm water. Pour about 40 degrees of warm water into the cup. The warm water is served with white vinegar and detergent. With warm water, they can be fully integrated and can be more powerful. To prepare the detergent, we use a towel to wash the parasol. And also to remind you that you are going to have to go along the side of the umbrella, and the direction should be consistent, not just for a moment, but for a while. That will destroy the sunscreen layer of the sunshade. In addition, we choose the detergent that does not contain alkali, also because this kind of detergent can not only wash the stain on the umbrella, but also do not harm the sun protection layer of sunshade. White vinegar, can make the fabric of this kind of umbrella maintain original burnish, add the 40 degree lukewarm water that mixed detergent and white vinegar, the effect of decontamination is not even said. After brushing the surface of the umbrella, we should wash it with clean water.

Remember, must thoroughly wash clean, otherwise the umbrella is dried, the surface will leave the trace of the detergent, very ugly. Next, put the clean umbrella in the shade to dry. By contrast, the effect is obvious. This method can not only wash the sunshade, but also do not harm the parasol, you might as well try.