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Knowledge of outdoor furniture design

Feb 27, 2018

An overview of outdoor furniture.

1.    Outdoor furniture is mainly used for outdoor or semi-outdoor furniture for public activities. It is an important element that determines the physical basis of the space function of the building and the spatial function of the outer space, which includes the space of the outer space and the "grey space". 2 furniture, outdoor furniture is different from general features as elements of city landscape environment, the city's "tao", which is more common in the sense of "public" and "communication".

Outdoor furniture can be divided into three categories

1.    A kind of furniture that is permanently fixed outdoors, such as wooden pavilion, tent real wood table and chair, iron wood table and chair, etc. General this kind of furniture wants to choose high grade wood, have good anticorrosive sex, the weight also is heavy, put in outdoors for a long time. 2. One kind is the outdoor furniture which can be moved, such as the west rattan chair, the tesla chair, the folding wood table chair and the sun umbrella. With time in the outdoor, need not when can receive it in the room, so this kind of furniture is more comfortable and practical, need not consider so much strong and anti-corrosion performance, can also according to personal interests to join some cloth art as an ornament. 3, ones that can carry outdoor furniture, such as small mensal, eat and parasol, this kind of furniture is made of aluminum alloy or canvas, light weight, easy to carry, field trips, fishing is very suitable for, can also take some outdoor equipment, the best kind of burn oven rack, tents, add a lot of fun for outdoor travel

The choice of outdoor furniture.

The choice of outdoor furniture should be thick and thin. When choosing indoor furniture, we are usually more careful, but the choice of outdoor furniture is the combination of thick and thin. First of all, if you stay outdoors for a long time, you will inevitably be exposed to the sun and the sun, so you should be prepared for a certain deformation and discoloration. General wood is mostly fir and pine. However, you should be more careful about the choice of connecting pieces, as it relates to the robustness and safety of outdoor furniture. So it's very important, it's got to be strong. Large landscape furniture such as wooden pavilion tent flower frame should be fixed by burying. On outdoor furniture parts connection, usually in joggle or the connection of the metal, general connection between metal, by contrast, however, mortise and firm, not only do well in mechanical components between still have room to move, to increase the stability of the structure. And mortise furniture also has rural nature and structure aesthetic feeling, but want craft good ability is ok. Choose outdoor furniture very exquisite, the most important is material. Wood is the first choice material, generally speaking, want to choose the lumber that is bigger, such as fir, pine, teak, and must have done embalming treatment; The production process is also important, because long exposure, deformation is unavoidable. If the craft does not pass, the furniture is likely because the tenon is not fastened or the expansion coefficient is not right; In addition woodiness outdoor furniture needs to often use wood oil or paint to maintain. Compared to wood outdoor furniture, metal material is durable, aluminum or waterproof treated alloy material is the best, but be careful to avoid impact. Bamboo rattan quality outdoor furniture is beautiful, but the price is costly, and difficult to take care of, easy accumulate dust and moldy, so must choose the quality is good and pass special treatment. However, there is a kind of imitation rattan outdoor furniture in the market - sito, the price is cheaper than the cane, dirty brush is good, and durable, more suitable for outdoor use.

Material choice and bedroom style have relation.

From the material itself, in addition to performance, there are some characteristics and techniques in the style to achieve harmony with the overall style. Generally speaking, the outdoor furniture of wood is more suitable for contemporary, contracted style indoor environment, on line is given priority to with straight line, other exaggerative modelling also is better. For like the environment of rural style, wood instinctive quality perfect, the natural texture and temperament are easy to coordinate, through the fine lines and details to create a calm natural life atmosphere, let the tension relaxation of body and mind, make numerous

Miscellaneous life is more romantic. A parasol, several wooden tables and chairs, plus a cup of herbal tea, mixed with the afternoon sun and completely relaxed state of mind, is the aspiration of every urbanite!