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Knowledge of weaving rattan furniture

Dec 29, 2017

The making of rattan furniture is more and more in pursuit of fashion, the trend, the weaving of the cane furniture in 1900, in the southern ocean, the overseas Chinese businessmen in the field of the organization of the grass weaving production, so that the grass weaving industry began to flourish. Its main products include straw plaits, braided braids, braids, etc. In addition to the sales in Shanghai, the products are sold to Beijing, guangzhou and other places. The straw hat, made from straw braids, is sold in parts of Germany and southeast Asian countries except for a few sales in the domestic market.

Woven rattan furniture, just as its name implies is used for leisure furniture, furniture is a kind of different from bedroom furniture, living room furniture, restaurant furniture, etc., is the inevitable outcome of the economic development to a certain stage.

The development of the weaving rattan furniture is closely connected with the economic development of the whole society, the food and clothing and basic living guarantee can not solve the situation, how to think of leisure. In the first ten years of the 21st century, with the strong economy of China, leisure furniture has also been greatly developed. Beginning of leisure furniture manufacturers just as a small branch of the world's factory, the production of products are mainly export-oriented, basically have no sale in domestic market, the company is also as one of the manufacturers, under the influence of climate gradually have some sale in domestic market.

Solid wood leisure furniture, aluminum alloy leisure furniture, leisure furniture, cast iron leisure furniture, cast aluminum leisure furniture, plastic leisure furniture, etc

Swimming pool leisure furniture, garden leisure furniture, club casual furniture, bar casual furniture, coffee shop leisure furniture, villa leisure furniture, etc.

The family members used to weave rattan furniture mainly include bamboo rattan, white rattan and chito. Known as the "king of the vine", the bamboo rattan is known as the "king of the vine" and is the most expensive of the most expensive vines, native to Indonesia and Malaysia. In southern China, rattan resources are rich, the price is low, almost every household furnishings cannot leave the cane implement, people used to use the cane made of cabinet, ark, several, case, screen, frame, chair, desk and bed. Nowadays, as people's environmental awareness is gradually increasing and the return to nature is becoming more and more popular, various kinds of rattan art and green craft products have begun to enter thousands of families and become a new round of home decoration fashion.

It is light and cool, it has the natural color of nature, it brings the heart to cool, it is very suitable for summer. However, simple style at one time in plate furniture, leather sofa and other modern furniture to be left out in the cold. The feng shui turns. In people's pursuit of the return to nature and the nature of today,

The change of face, return to the fashion front, attracting more and more people's attention. Relative to plank type furniture, cane type furniture does not contain formaldehyde, do not have pollution, advocate simple, natural life, it is the environmental protection product in furniture.

2. Give people the feeling of natural elegance and good environmental performance. It is suitable for all kinds of occasions such as family, hotel, restaurant and cafe.

3. The feeling of fresh and natural, soft and light, whether it is in the living room or the bedroom, there is a natural color of nature, bringing the cool of the heart. Originally love cane products mostly in the middle and old people mainly, nowadays more and more young people buy the cane type furniture.

4. In modern furniture, it is one of the few, and every rattan furniture is an art made by designers and technicians.

5. After strict processing, it has the characteristics of good flexibility, strong air permeability, natural texture, fresh feel, comfortable and unique, ergonomic and ergonomic. Unlike the usual package of furniture,

Because 6 woven rattan furniture is to use their natural cane woven, there will be a lot of irregular crack, it is not only beautiful, more important is sitting on top is not stuffy, like sofa will own breathing, which is the breath of nature.

1. Clean rattan furniture with a brush or vacuum cleaner;

2. Frequently use wet cloth and soft detergent to clean the flash furniture;

3. Do not put rattan furniture near the heating pipe, otherwise the adhesive part will become dry and weak due to heat.

4. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent rattan from fading and drying.

5. If properly maintained, the appearance of the appearance is not as old as new.