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Learn about parasol knowledge

Dec 20, 2017

Large parasol choice:

Large umbrellas generally refers to the non-hand-held sun umbrella, mainly fixed on the ground. High-quality large sunshade should also have anti-UV, rain and wind resistance function, the best choice of umbrella surface coated silver cloth umbrella surface, because the silver coating can reflect most of the UV, but also has a rain-proof function , Followed by the choice of more dense twill, plain cloth umbrella surface.

Large windsurfing capacity of the umbrella from the main umbrella seat, umbrella column and the umbrella of the decision, Umbrella general ironwork, cement, marble and water and other umbrellas. Umbrella umbrella ribs are generally divided into five kinds of materials ------ wood, iron, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and new composite materials. Wood complex process, high cost, easy to damage, the market has been rare; the same time with high strength, no distortion, no rust advantages, a strong wind resistance, the price is moderate, due to the advantages of material properties Size Can do a lot, that is, not many manufacturers can produce, the market is more difficult to buy, can choose to such a wind-fed umbrella is best. In short, the wooden material is easily damaged, the sun umbrella of the iron umbrella is cheap, the sun umbrella of the aluminum alloy and stainless steel is high in price, and the sun umbrella of the composite material is big windproof.

UV sun umbrellas are favored. In the selection of UV sun umbrellas, consumers should master the characteristics in order to pick a good appearance from the quality are satisfied umbrella.

1, look at the appearance: In addition to the previous printing, checkered, solid color patterns, UV sun umbrellas and this summer has launched a cartoon pattern, pastel series quite stylish design.

The color depth does not affect the ability to resist UV, the test found that the color of the umbrella has little effect on the protective effect, the color of the umbrella and the color depth of the umbrella UV B transmittance and other indicators are almost the same.

2, the election umbrella surface: UV sun umbrella is divided into two kinds of shiny and dull. Glossy umbrellas dominate the market, appears pretty lively; matte umbrella production process is relatively complex, the price is expensive, does not seem assertive, giving a subtle impression.

3, pick the umbrella bone: In addition to the common straight-rod and three-fold, UV umbrella has launched a four-folded umbrella, more convenient to carry. Umbrella production costs in a larger proportion of ribs, umbrella should pay attention to buy umbrella.

4, silver plastic UV sun umbrella: silver plastic UV sun umbrella After using for a period of time, due to the wind and the sun will be part of the silver flake off, in particular the contact part with the umbrella more obvious.

If the silver coating on the outside, it will cause mottling phenomenon, affect the appearance, it is better to choose the silver coating inside the umbrella, neither peel nor affect the appearance of umbrella.


Experts, a total of three anti-UV technology means: one is mixed with ceramic particles in the textile fabric to reflect UV, UV protection. The second is the use of film laminating technology UV release agent fit on the fabric, without changing the feel and appearance of the fabric itself. However, different fabrics themselves will restrict this absorbent UV function. So in the choice of this parasol, you can judge from three aspects of its anti-UV performance level.

First, the fabric fiber itself concerned about the UV resistance

Experts: Experiments show that in the untreated fiber, polyester fiber is the best UV resistance, polyester fiber molecular structure of the benzene ring has the role of absorbing UV rays, chemical fiber nylon is also the nylon in the artificial cotton , Rayon, etc., anti-UV performance is not as good as polyester.

Therefore, we should try to choose polyester fiber as the raw material of UV sunshades.

The second is concerned about the fabric structure

Fabric thickness, tightness of its UV resistance has a certain impact. The thicker the fabric is, the better the UV resistance is, and the tighter the fabric is, the stronger the profile light ability is, the smaller the UV transmission is.

Expert: Knitwear is usually loose than the woven fabric, so the protective effect is not as good as woven fabrics, woven fabric plain weave fabric is larger than the twill, twill larger than satin, so tabby protective effect is relatively poor.

Another concern is the fabric color

According to the test results of China Institute of Metrology, the deeper the color of the fabric, the smaller the UV transmittance and the better UV protection performance.

Therefore, when we choose the umbrellas, we must fully consider the thickness of the fabric, tightness and color.

No matter what brand only follow the above selection method on the line

Third, the price is not proportional to the effect of UV resistance

"The price of a sunshade is not simply determined by the quality of the anti-UV effect," said He Lingjun, secretary general of the National Umbrella Commission.

According to reports, some umbrellas high prices, and umbrella fabrics, handles, accessories, umbrella stand material, production technology, packaging and brand effects are closely related, anti-UV effect is not the main factor in pricing. Experts point out that fabric, for example, the market used to make parasol fabric in addition to the past silver plastic, pearl gum, there are mouth like Mike, silver satin cloth, hit cloth and other new fabrics, these new fabrics Not only resistant to UV rays, but also good visual effects. However, in terms of anti-ultraviolet effect, the relatively low price of high-quality silver plastic is actually the best.