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Learn about the definition of rattan sofa

Dec 29, 2017

The characteristics of 1. Dense and solid and light and tough, strong and easy to bend.

2. Not afraid to squeeze, not to be afraid of pressure, pliancy and flexibility.

Cany sofa

Cane sofa (6 pieces)

3, the cane art sofa has the color and lustre simple elegant, the modelling is beautiful, the structure is light, the appearance decorous, the material is tough, simple and natural and so on. The advantages are used in the balcony, the garden, the tea room, the study, the living room and so on.

The materials The usual cane sofa USES cane, rattan skin, and solid wood after a dozen process combination. Rattan skin is used to weave the main body of furniture, and the cane is made into the torso part of the furniture.

Rattan is a kind of solid, resilient and resilient vine that is used for weaving family members with bamboo rattan, white rattan and chito. Bamboo rattan is often used for the preparation of furniture and implements a vine, called agate rattan, it is also known as "the king of cane," this is the most expensive fine rattan, originated in Indonesia and Malaysia. It is not only beautiful, but also highly waterproof. Its structure is highly elastic and not easy to crack, so it is durable. The other kind of rattan is akinis, which has a lot of production and low price, which is usually used to make rattan shelves, rattan ornament, etc. Cane in addition to the preparation of furniture and decorations, there are two kinds of by-products can also be in rattan sofa products come in handy, a cane to detach it from cane dry skin, can be used to weave reeds products, but also can be used as metal and cane decorative surface of the fabric. Another by-product of the central part of the cane, called a cane heart, as long as it cut small diameter, can be woven wicker products, will have adornment and support purposes, useful also cane heart prepare the furniture such as chairs. Fuji-like materials are usually soaked in purple oil and coconut oil, such as sulfur treatment, and the rattan apparatus, even if it is not cracked and eaten for decades. The cane sofa should always clean maintenance, the service life will be long. Usually should use the brush to clean, or use the vacuum cleaner with the brush head to absorb a suction, then use the soft wet cloth to wipe the surface of the vine sofa. Do not use thinner or chemicals to clean, or the object will fade.

Decorate a method 1. Diagonal type:

Diagonal layout is two sets of sofa is opposite corner layout, a vertical always asymmetry, appear relaxed and lively, convenient and comfortable.

2. Symmetric:

Symmetrical arrangement conforms to Chinese traditional layout habits, the atmosphere is solemn, the position layer feels strong, suitable for more rigorous household use.

3. Type C:

The type C layout is the wall that along three sides adjacent wall decorates sofa, in the middle place a tea table, this kind of arrangement is convenient, the conversation is easy, the line of sight is open.

4. Platform:

The ground desk arranges to use platform and sunken floor, do not have chair, but make full use of various cushion, lively and casual, very comfortable.

5. Monotype set:

A word type arrangement is very common, the sofa runs along a wall to appear a word, front place tea table, for the sitting room small family is practical.

Range of application Cane sofa is commonly used in cool Taiwan, garden, tea room, study, sitting room and so on.

Put the knowledge The shape of sofa and seat must be firm, especially the sofa and seat of high back, this is comfortable and also have security. Ideal furnishings are best to be gossipy, since the seat is adjacent to each other, not only can promote the harmony of interpersonal relations, but also build a space suitable for rest.

The sofa that style is original is the indispensable part of the residence, its modelling and colour can reflect the atmosphere of the house most. Plain coloured cloth sofa is the best choice in the residence geomantic, and had better choose not conspicuous small pattern.

In the daily life, the sofa has the function that is used to rest, chat and the visitor, therefore in the residence geomantic, it occupies a very important position. There is a great deal of attention to its placement, so there is a requirement to put it on display:

1. Pay attention to the number of sets.

Sofa shape is divided single person sofa, double sofa, long form sofa and shape, round sofa and so on. In the material aspect also can leather sofa, cloth sofa and cane make sofa and so on. In color and modelling, it is more variety. The number of residential sofa is exquisite, the most taboo is a set of half, or square two groups of sofa use.

2. The sofa should pay attention to position.

Sofa because it is for a size of everyday sitting room furniture, should pay attention to put the azimuth.

For the east house, the sofa should be placed in the main east, southeast, south and north of the living room. For the north west house, the sofa should be placed in the living room southwest, west, northwest and northeast these four directions are better.

3. The sofa should be supported on the back.

The so-called "leaning," refers to the back of the mountain, refers to the sofa behind the solid wall reliable, has no worries, so that it conforms to the feng shui road. In ancient China, the use of the chair, all choose the natural marble for the back, and the pattern on it and the hidden mountain view is good, is this truth.

If the sofa is behind the window, door or aisle, no reliable solid wall, behind it so no backer, empty, is the bureau of powder leakage, give a person the feeling of insecurity, and certainly far from comfortable.

4, the decoration of sofa should not be straight.

The sofa is important position in the living room, like the main port of the country, must be able to be able to get more water, can be prosperous. Excellent out both sides of the port will be bent, like U word, English letters around two arm outstretched bends of blessing, and central sunken place is feng shui, a gas, to hide the wind to get together gas, in order to reach people flourish.

Don't hedge against the door.

If meeting sofa and door is a straight line this situation, had better be the sofa move away, lest with the gate photograph. If there is nowhere to move, you have to put a screen between them. That way, the air from the door would not run straight through the sofa. And sofa if to the door is not serious, do not have left to dodge right, also need not put screen.

Generally speaking, because sofa is put most in the living room of the residence, from the aesthetic Angle of contemporary adornment, also be appropriate to pay attention to harmony with building pattern. So in some cases, we should learn to concrete analysis of concrete things, don't have to stick to traditional, learn to "discard the dross and select the essence", make modern life more full of interest and taste.