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Leisure chairs and tables

Mar 02, 2018

Concise and lively lines give full play to the connotation of human nature. Peaceful to the far, quiet and fragrant, warm and fragrant, enjoy the fashion, like a lyric poem. Leisure, always let a person with an endless „ leisure chairs and tables is we enjoy the leisure time with tables and chairs, the chairs and tables is not the formal, like eat desk and chair and office chairs and tables a few individual character, can give you visual and body double comfort.

Ordering process

1.    Pre-sales consulting all customers need to have customer service or business personnel to carry out relevant product details, price and related production cycle, etc. 2. Set the price through the preliminary negotiation, and the customer service personnel check with the customer to confirm the order. 3. After signing the contract deposit, the customer service staff will sign the contract signing procedure with the customer. 4. After the deposit is confirmed, the customer needs to pay 30% of the payment in advance (financial confirmation is required). 5. Delivery to the production and production department will be produced according to the contract term after receiving the order contract. 6. Payment delivery shipment notice related customer service or business personnel contact customer acceptance of products, make sure no problem after the customer need to pay the rest of the payment for goods delivery.

2.    About the transportation

1. During the actual transportation, we shall bear the short distance freight of the city to the freight station, and you shall bear the corresponding long-distance logistics fee. 2, about the time, we are difficult to determine, it is subject to journey far and near, the road smooth and driver personal status, all of these we are uncontrollable, so you want to leave enough time on the way in front of the order, we give the time is for reference only. 3, what we do is the national market, in many parts of the cargo was not directly to arrive, the midway to transfer several times, in the case of the past have lost and damage to the goods now, so you must first inspection again to pay the freight, you can only if there is any loss to the last stop for the claim or to the ministry of commerce and industry complaints when you, as the supplier and the freight charge we will effort to help you deal with this matter, call your attention to collect evidence at the same time. 4. If we do the transportation, we suggest that you should keep the price and buy the transportation insurance, so that if there is any risk, it will be easier to settle the claim. 5. If you buy products that are afraid of falling, such as iron and thin shell parts, please check the goods before payment, so as to avoid unnecessary loss. 6 there is no standard, the price of freight, we will choose a moderate price and service after shopping around relatively good logistics company, sometimes by weight in the calculation of freight, sometimes by volume, but we will ensure that the freight in a reasonable scope and on and on

You confirm and then deliver the goods.