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Look at the characteristics of rattan art furniture and the maintenance method of rattan art furniture.

Feb 07, 2018

Rattan art furniture color is simple, the style is pure and fresh, after the design that incorporates modernization, more light and durable, have fluent line, brought the breath of simple nature to whole bedroom. With the growing popularity of rattan furniture, sales in the furniture market are booming, but there are many problems, such as how to maintain rattan furniture? How to clean rattan furniture? Let us take a look at rattan art furniture characteristics and the maintenance method of rattan art furniture.

Want to avoid direct sunlight, don't put near the window, the ultraviolet ray in sunshine can make cane degeneration crisp, long time of sunlight can make the yellow white rattan furniture, make local fade brown shiny red rattan furniture, bamboo rattan furniture in the expensive dry, loose, and release. Therefore, it is very important to avoid direct sunlight in spring, summer and autumn. May as well use translucent white gauze curtain to separate sunshine direct fire, protect cane to make furniture while, also do not affect indoor daylighting.

In the north, the heating radiator in winter is the enemy of rattan furniture. If the cane makes the seat close to the radiator, it will be found in about a month, the cane that is close to the place is already dry and brittle, the toughness is bad, it is difficult to recover after sitting; Some of the parts that are glued to the natural glue are far away. Therefore, it is important to remember that rattan products are closely related to fire source and heat source. If you want to put hot pot and saucepan on the rattan table, please remember to put on the heat shield.

The cross section of the vine is covered with fine ducts, so rattan furniture can absorb a certain amount of moisture. But if too much water is absorbed, the furniture will become soft, loosely structured, with a flat surface, and the mesh will be prone to mildew. Therefore, if it is in the south, especially in the rainy season, the ventilation of rattan furniture is particularly important. In the days that have the sun, it is better to move to the place that has a draught place to go to the place that has draughty wind to go "blow breeze", can avoid mildew spot generation, keep dry. Do not ask "dry" heart cut, carry it to the place of direct sunlight to be exposed to bask in, the contrast of a tide one dry, cane is very easy quick deformation even fracture.

The book is placed on the bookshelf of cane, it is better to follow the principle of two sides, middle light, make book weight can be left and right symmetrically put, in order to prevent the bookcase to be affected by tide because of the weight of middle weight droop. The advantage of the rattan furniture is that it is fixed into its original shape after being deformed, and it will return to its original shape and size after being blown dry or dried. Therefore, when the rattan furniture is sagging, it is necessary to reduce its load, and support it skillfully and evenly, so as to maintain the original weaving shape and prevent the clearance deformation. If it is a seat, you can put a stool or a box under it, and help to hold up the vine face so that it can be slowly dry and not deformed.

What do you do when you find that rattan furniture is partially moth-eaten? Peppercorns or capsicum can kill insects and prevent moth damage. Mix half a pair of peppercorns with half salt and cook them together, grind them up, fill them with holes, then wrap them in plastic sheeting or small plastic bags to keep the smell out. It's the same way you do it. After 24 hours of decaying, the plastic cloth will be unpacked, and the surface will be filled with boiling water, and the remaining moth will be destroyed. Finally, drying with a soft towel can prevent the moth from spreading. Hermetically sealed rattan furniture, such as the closet, sundry cabinet, the door bookcase, can hang in the cabinet a pair of fresh prickly ash and fine salt mixing small cloth bag, have the same moth proofing effect.