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Multi-functional folding chair

Jan 08, 2018

As we all know, many young people nowadays prefer to stay at home and refuse to go out, reading books, watching movies, playing games, running businesses and so on. Most people now own a laptop computer that can be put on the Internet in bed and have a backache all day long. And we are a multi-function folding chairs is designed for women these otaku don't go out for a long time, it takes up the area is small, especially for college students, dormitory narrow, the space is little, so our multi-function folding chairs than those ordinary chair has a slight advantage. It can be used as a folding chair on the floor and can be placed in bed to allow you to surf the Internet in a comfortable manner.

The advantages of folding multi-purpose chair compared with ordinary folding chairs:

1. The four legs of the chair are connected by bolts and can be folded up. If you need to use it when you travel, it is easy to carry. 2. Adjust the height required by the user by adjusting the position of the support rod. 3, can be put in bed use, half lie to play computer.


1) you can surf the Internet, watch movies, watch TV and read books on your back, which can relieve your waist, back, neck and head fatigue. 2) when you are lying in bed watching movie TV, you can use it as a recliner when you adjust to the Angle you like! Very comfortable and cozy! 3) when you travel, it is a good outdoor beach chair! Bring extra comfort and romance to your trip! 4) folding chairs are used for guests or family members at home, which can be folded and stacked to save space.

Institutional note

1.    Chair leg: bear external force action. 2. Pin: the Angle and force point of the chair leg and back of the folding chair, and the external force. 3. Back to back: to bear external forces. 4. Seat plate: external force. 5. Adjusting groove: suitable for adjusting the Angle of chair leg and back, so as to meet the different needs of folding chair. 6. Pin: connection between bracket and leg and connecting and positioning of each member.

Application prospects:

Folding chairs is the unity of folding and portable, industrial production out of the smallest and lightest parts to form fold furniture, folding chair has experienced thousands of years of history, gradually lost its original shape, is a new form in front of us, for we usually add a simple life. We design the multifunctional folding chairs to meet the needs of all kinds of people, especially for some like curtilage at home, don't want to go out of otaku don't women go out the door for a long time, like to put the laptop on the bed on the Internet, watching movies, network game, using our multi-function folding chairs can save waist sour backache, wide prospect of market.