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Outdoor advertising umbrella design.

Jan 23, 2018

(1)  the core of the design of advertising umbrella.

Advertising umbrella shape design is in the service of enterprise's overall image design, is the enterprise publicity concept as the core, the surrounding people demand for this product, the greater limit is suitable for the individual and the social demand and get people common identity, change people's way of life, improve the quality of life and level. Therefore, the research on the design and evaluation system of advertising umbrella is of great significance and the evaluation system is complex.There are many uncertainties, especially concerning human's sensory factors, including physiological and psychological factors. Therefore, the publicity of corporate image based on outdoor advertising umbrella, combined with the role and advantages of advertising umbrella, can be vigorously promoted. The appearance design of advertisement umbrella is very important.

(2)  the process of advertising umbrella shape design.

The work of the sketching stage will determine the effectiveness of advertising umbrella to publicize the product design of the enterprise. So this stage is the most important stage of the whole advertising umbrella design. Create ideas by thinking, and record them quickly. The early stage of this design is often expressed as a flash of inspiration, lack of accurate size information and geometric information. Based on the idea of the designer, the design information can be drawn in various forms or notes by sketching, and the design information can be determined in three or four directions, and then the designer will conduct in-depth design.

(3)  the form of graphic language in advertising umbrella.

Abstract graph refers to the shape of an indirect appeal with points, lines, and surface changes. In the display of advertising umbrella, abstract graphics have no direct meaning, but can also convey a certain sense of information. Abstract point, line and surface change can be the means of associative expression, leading the viewer's associative feeling. Abstract graphic expression is free and rich and varied. From the technique, there are several kinds of abstract circles, abstract shapes, abstract textures and computer-aided design. The so-called "man" refers to the creator's careful arrangement and design of points, lines and faces to create a sense of order in the visual sense. The arrangement of the pattern according to the pattern of the pattern of rhythm, rhythm, contrast, gradual change, density and other forms of combination, to create different visual image characteristics; "Accidental" is relatively "artificial". In fact, the abstract graphics are also created by people. The image is more accidental, so it is free and easy and human. There are a lot of creative techniques of accidental graph, such as: using the characteristics of water, such as adsorption, splashing, blowing, oil and water repellent, etc., to create natural forms by using hand tear and fire, etc. Another technique is to use the corresponding texture features to combine with the characteristics of the product itself.

Reflect the character and attributes of the product. For example, rough and smooth, dry and wet, cold and warm, will give people different visual feelings and associations; Computer-aided design has been widely used in advertising design. Through some image design software, we can easily get the kaleidoscopic graphics, which provides rich material for the design of advertising umbrella.

(4)  the symbolic nature of color.

The symbol of color is formed by traditional habits, such as often expressing certain content in a certain color, so this color becomes the symbol of something. The symbol of color also has the common thing in the world, but because of the national habit and so on different also have many differences.