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Outdoor awnings

Feb 28, 2018

Outdoor awning series can be divided into: awning series, tent series, sunshade umbrella series, fixed tent series, composite hanging ceiling, aluminum alloy composite tent, and canopy series.

Awning series can be divided into curved arm type awning, awning, window awning.

The crank arm type awning

The curved arm awning will obstruct the glare of the eyes, so that the room will have bright and soft sunlight, so that the pleasant scenery will be face to face. Crank arm awning series, block light, showing a landscape, make the shading and lighting to achieve the harmonious unification, but also can be the designer is variant flexible facade design new thinking.

Outside of the house, whether on the outside wall, or on the balcony, or in the courtyard can see shading products, so that people enjoy art life, enjoy life!

Scope of application

1. Designed for the garden and terrace, to enhance the overall effect of the house.

2. Meet different personality needs and have strong structure.

3. Convenient installation, customized size and cloth flower shape.

4. Special rain grooves guide the rain to protect the cloth.

Outdoor tent

The characteristics of Easy to install, light and durable, easy to carry.

Use of Exhibition sales, celebration gatherings, outdoor parties, tourism, disaster relief, field operations.

Scope of application Retail, purchase, lease, etc.

The choose and buy accessories Hanging cord, semi-high fence cloth, PVC transparent hanging curtain.

Specifications  2M×2M2M×3M2M×4M




The characteristics of Luxurious and beautiful, light and durable, column side stand, top double structure use: beach, park. Plaza, hotel, exhibition, commercial street, tourist area, etc.

Specifications 2.1M*2.1M2.5M*2.5M3.0M*3.0M

Parasol Luxurious and beautiful, light and durable, column side stand, top double layer structure.

Use Beaches, parks, squares, hotels, exhibitions, commercial streets, tourist areas, etc.

Specifications 2.1M2.5M、、2.7M3.0M

Sectional suspended ceiling.

The characteristics of Stable and safe, durable, easy to install and remove, easy to transport and meet the needs of large areas.

Use Exhibition sales, celebrations, disaster relief, field work, sports entertainment, temporary storage.

The choose and buy accessories Hanging curtain, with transparent window hanging curtain, with window hanging window.

Aluminum alloy canopy.

The characteristics of 1. The unit combination structure spans 6M to 25M, with unlimited length, and can choose different span sizes and lengths according to the needs.

2. The bracket is made of high strength aluminum alloy profiles, which is stable and durable. The cover fabric is made of double-sided PVC synthetic fiber membrane, which is small in size and convenient for transportation and storage.

3. Easy to build and dismantle.

4. There are no columns in the room.

Use Exhibition and exhibition, celebration, open-air banquet, disaster relief, field work, temporary warehouse.

The choose and buy accessories Curtain cloth, curtain with transparent window, curtain with screen window, floor, carpet, air conditioning.

The advantages of outdoor awning are summarized.

1. Effectively block the sunlight, reduce the indoor temperature, reduce the use frequency of air conditioners, and achieve economic benefits.

2. When using awning, you can open a window to keep the air in circulation while avoiding direct sunlight to destroy the furniture.

Third, can expand outdoor space, recreational and sports on the balcony or platform, at the same time will not be harmed by ultraviolet ray and harmful material in sunshine.

4. Add personalized ornament to the building, decorate household, make it more fashionable, artistic sense.