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Outdoor furniture making materials.

Feb 27, 2018


Leguminosae, commonly referred to as the pineapple or Pacific iron wood. Originated in Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, lumber luster, no special smell and taste, a brown to dark brown, usually with depth and white stripes, heartwood tube holes with yellow sediments, texture, uniform structure, wood to heavy, air dry density of 0.8 0.98 / cm3, hardness, high strength. Good stability, corrosion resistance and ant resistance, dry shrinkage, no deformation.


Teak, deciduous tree, native South Asia. Now on the market mainly comes from Burma teak, commonly known as "Thai pomelo" market, characterized by, sapwood, reddish tan, and heartwood distinct from, about 3 cm wide, heartwood pale brown, long in the air is turns a dark brown, lumber luster, have oily feeling of touch, size stability when using, resistance to corrosion and ant resistance is strong, resistant to reaction in the ocean Marine wood drilling animals harm, the antiseptic is not easy, acid. Due to excellent corrosion resistance and stability of the wood material, with moderate intensity and machining performance, the trunk tall and straight, wood appearance is beautiful and very versatile, so teak is one of the world's best and most famous hard wood.

Golden grapefruit (black heart)

Evergreen trees, up to 25 meters high, 15 meters high, with a chest diameter of 80 centimeters, can reach up to 140 cm. It is mainly produced in the evergreen broad-leaved forest, 800 to 1800 meters above sea level in northwest myanmar, and is over 120 years old. Because of its processed products approximate teak, it is also known as "golden grapefruit". The wood is loose and the heart is golden brown to grayish brown. Wood luster strong, no special smell and taste, wood decay, insect resistance; The texture is straight, the structure is very fine, even. Medium of hardness and strength, medium dry speed, dry shrinkage, no deformation, easy cutting, smooth cutting surface, good polish after paint, close to teak. In the Ming and qing dynasties, it was the first choice for court building, and now it is a high-quality furniture material.


Originated in Indonesia, wood has burnish, pink to brick red, deep are orange, sapwood pale, no special smell and taste, texture, structure, uniform, wood heavy and very heavy, air dry density of 0.85 0.93 g/cm3, qualitative hard, intensity is high, dry shrink.

Rafa Lin cloth

It is a special material introduced in recent years, which has the characteristics of high temperature and ultraviolet resistance and weatherproof. It has been widely used in outdoor products in recent years. Chairs and swings made of tesla and aluminum alloy are both portable and beautiful, and are welcomed by consumers.


Seto is an improved polymer material, a substitute for rattan furniture. It is bright and beautiful, comfortable and durable. Xivine material can withstand the destructive experiment of 30 degrees to 120 degrees, it is very suitable for outdoor outdoor furniture use, a lot of export abroad.

Outdoor furniture making process.

The wood is roasted for more than 15 days in a kiln at a temperature of about 70 degrees. To sterilize the insects, the moisture in the wood is reduced to less than 10 degrees to prevent deformation during use. Use imported outdoor oil to soak, grease deep wood, maximum protection. Aluminum alloy is the stamping forming, seldom welding, adopt the famous brand cold plating paint casting adopt the famous brand paint, many times rust prevention treatment. The steel parts are treated with electrolytic galvanization, and do not oxidize and rust. Stainless steel parts are made of 304 materials, and stainless steel is not beautiful.

Our country outdoor furniture industry current situation.

China's outdoor furniture and supplies industry has made great progress in recent years

The first reason is a fashionable concept, as people material living conditions continue to improve, to buy healthy consumption idea become a new fashion, outdoor recreation outdoors in the vast space, people's mental and physical can get double harvest, this kind of concept development.

The second reason is the concept of time. The extension and abundance of holiday time laid the foundation for people's outdoor life.

The third reason is economic. In the first place, people who are well off will have to spend the rest of their savings to invest in outdoor healthy leisure and sports.

The fourth reason is the concept of space. The acceleration of urbanization in China and other large construction projects to the landscape type and functional transformation, to sightseeing, leisure and entertainment as the main body of public leisure places and senior residential district and villas project start in succession, a large number of construction of the hotel, gymnasium, office buildings, shops, garden, swimming pool, beach, park, golf course, tennis courts, coffee shops, cafes, high-grade leisure entertainment, private houses, enterprises and institutions leisure places such as strong demand on outdoor furniture and supplies. The outdoor leisure sports space has also been greatly increased.

It is the development of the above four basic conditions that has made China's outdoor furniture and supplies industry advance by leaps and bounds in recent years.