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Outdoor leisure lead a new lifestyle, outdoor furniture market fiery

Dec 18, 2017

Mall set up outdoor recreation area

The demand for outdoor leisure of consumers is one of the areas with rapid growth in demand in recent years. This has long been the concern of smart businesses. In the summer, many furniture stores have advertised outdoor furniture as the main push for outdoor furniture The sales focus, and even department stores and large supermarkets, also introduced special sales of outdoor furniture. Sales staff told reporters that this outdoor recreation area was established not long ago, in order to cater to the needs of outdoor leisure customers, the outdoor folding seats, tents, portable awning and other concentrated display sales, attract and stimulate customer desire to buy. Since the establishment of outdoor recreation area the effect is very good, is the busiest place for business.

Outdoor recreation becomes a way of life

According to report, outdoor furniture, including urban outdoor public outdoor furniture, outdoor leisure furniture, commercial outdoor furniture, portable outdoor furniture, such as the four major categories of products. Outdoor furniture consumption boom, and the current trend of outdoor recreation are inseparable. Leisure time to outdoor camping, barbecue, or friends and friends drinking tea, chat, enjoy the outdoor leisure life, has become more and more urban lifestyle, longing for pastoral life, has become a fashion city life . In addition, in recent years, property developers have been highlighting urban architecture or using terraces and gardens as a naturalist or casualist style on the attic and first floor or introducing balconies and home gardens to make the courtyard life more and more attractive Home dreams, which also contributed to the huge demand for outdoor furniture.

Huge market demand for outdoor furniture, but also to many furniture businesses saw a lot of furniture stores, outdoor furniture brands mushroomed up, many home stores and building materials markets have entered the franchise of outdoor furniture business. According to report, compared with indoor furniture, the most prominent feature of outdoor leisure furniture is the use of materials and internal structure, but also to consider such as temperature, climate and humidity changes on furniture erosion. Therefore, the outdoor furniture, the choice of materials to fully take into account its outdoor tolerance. Insiders, outdoor furniture as a leisure furniture, types and styles are many, for different outdoor space and style, with the appropriate outdoor furniture to highlight the personalized home leisure life. Choosing outdoor furniture, the consideration of the price and function of the important consideration, but also consider the appropriate material is suitable for the surrounding environment, the type and style is coordinated with the decoration style. Outdoor furniture are generally placed outdoors, so be sure to stand the wind and rain, in addition to look at the appearance, buy more attention to the material.

Global demand totaled 28.18 billion U.S. dollars

According to the reporter, China (Guangzhou) Fair has set up an outdoor furniture exhibition since 2009, and the number and size of exhibitors have steadily risen in seven years. The exhibition in 2016 has reached 250 Home, the scale reached 60,000 square meters, reaching a record high.

Outdoor furniture in the developed countries in Europe and the United States higher penetration rate, the market demand for the global proportion of nearly 60%, has formed a stable market size, high degree of industrial maturity. According to a Chinese outdoor furniture industry market research and development trend forecast report shows that outdoor furniture, though it is a branch of the furniture industry, but holds a huge market potential. In 2015, the global market demand for outdoor leisure furniture and supplies reached 28.18 billion U.S. dollars, of which 30% was in China.

At present, people not only satisfy residential functions but also return to nature and enjoy the leisure life, which also makes the demand of ordinary consumers for outdoor furniture will be more and more large, thus driving the consumption of outdoor furniture . In addition, the popularity of the Internet, while giving a strong impact on the traditional concept of consumption, new consumption concept, new consumption patterns, new culture and life will all appear, all of which will bring huge outdoor furniture industry Development Opportunities. With the pursuit of high-quality leisure life more and more consumers, 80, 90 or even 00, will become the main force in outdoor furniture consumption. The rise of the holiday industry, indoor outdoor furniture, leisure life of Chinese people, will be China's outdoor furniture market, the three major business opportunities. The next 2-3 years, outdoor furniture will enter the era of mass consumption, outdoor furniture will be towards a strong color, multi-functional combination and the direction of light shape development.