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Outdoor recreation desk and chair, outdoor furniture maintenance method.

Feb 07, 2018

There are various kinds of outdoor leisure tables and chairs, such as: rattan aluminum alloy table and chair, cast-iron cast aluminum tables and chairs, solid wood anti-corrosion wooden tables and chairs, etc. Along with the increase of the number and variety of outdoor leisure chairs, some people sorry knowledge of outdoor leisure furniture and outdoor furniture is very lack, leisure tables and chairs the length of life, is closely related with the usual maintenance, maintenance make leisure furniture bright and clean like new for a long time, not only can prolong service life. Although the outdoor leisure chairs have anti-corrosion and anti-rust functions, these functions are not natural. To make them work for a long time, we need to maintain and cherish them. Recreational chair in use process, to consider the environmental requirements higher, different recreational chair maintenance way different so here I offer you some knowledge of maintenance and maintenance matters needing attention.

The maintenance method of plastic recreational chair: plastic recreational chair, cleaner is indispensable. When using a chair at home, we are often to oil drops to the chair, if it is a plastic chair, will not easily smeary clean up with water, we should use the cleaner clean it again, and then clean up with water, the effect is better. Just wipe it dry with a cloth.

The maintenance method of cane leisure chair:

Water and cleansers are good cleaning products when cleaning the cane. Because rattan material is more comfortable and cany chair comparatively light, and moved more convenient, and it will last longer, and clean up the cane chair when we should use water and detergent, clean and dry it after the completion of, and the part for not clean, we should take it to the oil paint, remember not to wipe out the part of the above, because the uneven material may be caused by accidental scourge, as for the metal part will suction machine, suction out the dust, reoccupy does cloth to wipe.

Maintenance of cast iron tables and chairs:

Cast iron table and chair because of his material and exquisite craft, also need special maintenance way. First of all, when using cast iron or cast aluminum tables and chairs to avoid bumps, this is the first thing to notice. The bump is mainly in the cast-iron table and chair in the process of transport, so pay attention to the purchase of handling. You should also pay attention to this when you put it in place. You can't place it in a lot of hard objects, and you can't change it frequently. Also, be aware of clean dust removal. When wiping cast iron or cast aluminium table and chair, it is best to make pure cotton knitwear for cloth, so soft, without residue. When it is difficult to wipe with the complex grain of the cast iron table and chair, it needs to be cleaned with a fine soft wool brush. In particular, it is important to keep the table and chairs away from the acid base. Because the iron has strong corrosion effect on ph, if on the tables and chairs if accidentally with vinegar, soap water, soda water, must be washed immediately, then slowly wipe with dry cloth.

Maintenance methods for wooden leisure chairs:

The wooden leisure chair requires a certain temperature and relative humidity in the process of use. New leisure chair, I suggest that you should maintain a certain amount of ventilation. In addition, the lounge chair should avoid direct sunlight, so as to avoid the discoloration of furniture surface and deformed furniture. If indoor use air conditioning, should maintain indoor relative humidity is about 60%. If possible, plant some plants or fish in the room to increase indoor humidity. In the use of wooden recreational chair, should consider the surface paint film coating that maintains recreational chair regularly, he can protect the surface of furniture, we should regular to furniture surface lacquer film undertakes polishing clean. Use wet soft towel first to wipe the dirt and dirt of furniture surface, wait for furniture surface slightly dry, use furniture candle or liquid wax gently wipe furniture surface to undertake glazing. Above these are outdoor recreational desk and chair and the maintenance method of furniture, take good care of these furniture, their life span length, with these maintenance have a lot of relation.