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PE imitation rattan outdoor furniture product knowledge

Jan 02, 2018

The distribution of PE imitation rattan outdoor furniture

The price factors that affect it

At present, PE cane furniture USES more extensive material is PE cane + aluminium frame. Aluminum frame can be divided into square tube and aluminium tube two kinds, if make up cane sofa commonly use square tube, make up cane desk and chair, two kinds of both are useful, the key is the design of the product to decide. PE rattan, also divided into flat rattan and round rattan, usually round rattan will be taller than the price of flat vine 35%, round cane USES in the cane desk chair, sofa, specific also want to see style to decide.

The main factors that influence Pe imitation rattan outdoor furniture are 1. Pe and vine, 2. The thickness of aluminum tube, 3. The amount of materials, 4. Labor cost, etc. The difference between PE and rattan material: 1. The PE vine which we normally use is 20 yuan/KG. Good PE rattan, as firmly, and combined with the hardness of the material itself and high strength, good flexibility, fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance, so use two or three years will not variant in the outdoor, not bad. 2. The difference of PE rattan much cheaper price, $9 / KG has on the market can buy, but poor cane in the process of compiling it's easy to get loose, weak, and in the outdoor easy craze, go bad. Aluminum tube we also use it to the wall thickness of 1.0 1.2 MM, there are also some factories to save costs for wall thickness of 0.8 MM, but the wall thickness of aluminum tube will determine products used in the late period and stable degree, we pay more attention to the quality of the product. The amount of materials used is also due to the style, some of which can be only 1KG, while some may need 3KG, so the price is reflected here. In the process of compiling, for some need longer time to complete products, the amount of labor cost is relatively high, for the design of some difficult to prepare, our workers are paid by the unit price will be relatively higher. In order to better reflect the comfort and aesthetics of PE imitation rattan outdoor furniture, some products are also attached, such as cushion, backrest, pillow, and toughened glass. Cushion and back, we usually use polyester waterproof fabric + sponge (38 density). The pillow is made of polyester waterproof fabric and cotton. Spray of molten steel glass tend to deserve to be on the table and coffee table, table usually use is 8 mm thick, tea table with 5 mm thick toughened glass, toughened glass can also be sprayed into other color, the specific circumstances that will accept the love of the people.

Some differences between outdoor and indoor furniture:

Compared to indoor furniture,

The most prominent feature of outdoor furniture is the use of materials and internal frame structure.

High-grade outdoor furniture should consider ultraviolet ray, extremely low temperature, climate and humidity change, weak acid weak base and so on the erosion of furniture

So, to the household

Outside furniture, in the choice of material should consider fully the tolerance that it is in outdoors to resist natural climate condition. The choice of interior frame of furniture is also an important aspect, with light alloy material, outdoor convenience for mobile arrangement is the primary factor. In addition,

The metal frame of outdoor furniture is best to take shape at once, and try to minimize solder point, so as to keep stable

It also reduces the natural condition of the external environment and causes the deformation to occur, and the rattan dining chair is more perfect.

Outdoor cany art furniture modelling design pay more attention to the feelings of people, more streamlined, circular arc, leaves and flowers to modelling as the theme, give a person the sense with close nature, gives the outdoor furniture is a kind of wonderful and temptation like the poem. Its design principle is to accord with the human body curve and its material property to be two datum points, the flow sense of integral modelling and the rhythm, let the body and mind can perfect fit together, get the best sense of belonging. Designers in the basis of standardization of certain parameters, also with the development of science and technology innovation, perfecting, in turn, affects the performance of the outdoor furniture and size, the combination of aesthetics and ergonomics.