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Rattan Furniture Selection Tips

Aug 29, 2017

Outdoor rattan furniture is also called imitation rattan furniture, its material is to prevent rain erosion of aluminum alloy skeleton and PE imitation rattan as the main material.

So in the selection of rattan furniture, if you are to put on the rooftop, balcony, or courtyard and other outdoor places must pay attention, can not buy rattan wood furniture, but to buy imitation rattan furniture. Rattan wood furniture in the outdoor wind and rain in the environment is easy to corrode damage.

At the same time also need to pay attention to the skeleton of the problem, the normal manufacturer of rattan furniture is the skeleton of the use of aluminum alloy material, will not rust.

And now there are many small factory production of imitation rattan furniture, the price is low, the skeleton materials used are mostly iron skeleton, in the outdoor environment is easy to rust corrosion.

To distinguish the iron skeleton or aluminum alloy skeleton method is also very simple, is to look at the weight, if the iron skeleton weight is heavier, and the aluminum alloy skeleton is relatively lightweight.

Cany Art furniture weaving good or bad to cany art furniture quality influence is very big.

So we are in the choice of rattan furniture must pay attention to the weaving is tightly uniform, woven whether there are omissions place. The place of the rattan interface is dense and requires excessive nature.

There is the handover of the place is tight and beautiful. Good weaving process requires not only to ensure the permeability of rattan furniture, but also to ensure the flexibility of rattan furniture and bearing pressure performance.