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Rattan Furniture Use manual

Aug 29, 2017

Many people buy rattan furniture after the furniture to do not know how to maintain care, now rattan furniture use manual can help you.
Material: PE imitation rattan + metal aluminum frame (PE imitation rattan anti-ultraviolet, high temperature, low temperature, affected by humidity, climate small, weak acid weak alkali corrosion resistance)
Rattan furniture applicable venues: indoor, outdoor

Rattan Furniture Maintenance:
1. Rattan products or rattan coffee tables and chairs with a long time will be fouling, discoloration, the use of cleaning agent scrub, can not only decontamination, but also to make it soft and loose toughness. Usually wipe with a wet towel to keep it clean.
2. The tea table on the fire board, over time will leave unsightly patches. At this time, you can sprinkle some water on the table, use the tin foil in the cigarette box to wipe, then scrub with water, you can wash the tea traces off.
3. Home white desktop, white rattan cane is easy to get dirty, and dishcloth is not easy to wipe dirty marks, may try to squeeze in a clean cloth with toothpaste, just lightly rub, imitation rattan furniture on the stain will be removed.
4. If the rattan furniture surface scratches, did not touch the aluminum frame, can be used with the same furniture color crayon or pigment in the outdoor furniture of the wound daub, covering the exposed background, and then with transparent nail polish thin layer can be wiped.

Cleaning method of rattan furniture decontamination
1. Rattan furniture do not use a feather duster and so on, the dust will fall back on the furniture. The dust on the furniture should be wiped off with a half dry, wet rag.
2. Use the equal amount of white vinegar and hot water to wipe the rattan furniture surface, and then wipe with a soft cloth. Applicable to the maintenance of mahogany furniture and other furniture outdoors by oil ink pollution after cleaning.
3. The need for thorough cleaning, brush gently with the surface of the stain, and then rinse with cold water directly, and then dry dishcloth dry. Should not be placed in the sun under the too fierce exposure.

Correct use of instructions
1. Use and storage do not make it contact and near the source of fire, heat, do not put in the sun for a long time exposure, otherwise easy to fade, dry, deformation, bending, cracking, loosening and disconnection.
2. The damage to outdoor furniture is not inevitable. When using the table and chairs, take care of the light, do not let the chair single leg force; In the encounter storm is the best move indoors, because the general quality of outdoor furniture is lighter, the arrival of the typhoon easy to scrape rattan furniture.