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Solid wood dining table

Feb 07, 2018

The solid wood dining table and chair is the most environmentally friendly. Real wood the graininess of the eat desk and chair of the biggest advantages is like nature itself and change the natural color, but solid wood easy be affected with damp be affected with damp and dust adsorption in the wood texture, therefore, the best on the temperature and humidity appropriate environment, as far as possible away from the location of the air flow is stronger, more do not put in central heating near or under the sun.

What should be paid attention to when choosing real wood dining table and chair?

The first condition of choosing a dining table and chair is the area of the dining area. If dining-room area is very big, can choose abound qualitative feeling, match with space; Table and chair with moderate area; If the restaurant area is finite, and number of repast is not sure, can choose folding or telescoping table Secondly depends on the style, the style of the eat desk and chair is best and dining-room decorate collocation is proper, if not sure, best choice style consistent with the table. In the relative shape, the round table is suitable for the smaller square restaurant, and the democratic atmosphere of the family is more intense. Rectangular table will appear atmosphere, suit the family that often opens party to use. Square table is generally small, can appear warm a lot of.

The choice of solid wood furniture should first check whether the structure is solid, can push hard, and test by hand pressure. When the choose and buy in one meter far beyond observation should be the same color, whether the same color, if not consistent, that is the color, surface treatment should be observed from details such as pick up head, back bend, whether joint closely, is consistent with the positive. If the line or the shape of different shape, can look to the light to see whether uneven, the place of line is fluent, the surface paint is uniform, the hand feels smooth.

There is no burr and so on, to the light of the discovery of a mass, that is, the color is not even, belongs to the process of imperfect products, must be to the light observation. All belong to the place that connect with hardware piece, check hardware and lumber whether cooperate reasonable, if craft is not good, common hardware piece has paint, have scar on wood, or firm have a problem.

1. The position of the real wood table should be kept away from the places with strong air flow, such as the door, window and tuyere, and not to be exposed to the sunlight. 2. The real wood table is not placed near the central heating in winter. The indoor temperature should not be overheated, and it is advisable to wear the sweater in the room. Summer summer is coming, should always open air conditioning to get wet, reduce wood to absorb moisture to expand, avoid tenon construction site wet rise deformation and open seaming. 3. Keep the solid wood table tidy and clean the dust with clean gauze. Do not use the chemical brightener, lest the paint film is sticky and damaged. In order to maintain the brightness of the paint film, the walnut can be crushed, peeled and polished with three layers of gauze. 4, dust is actually a kind of abrasive particles, when wiping dust, should use soft cotton cloth to brush back and forth. If use the hard dry cloth to wipe the paint surface, will cause the surface of the lacquer surface to wear the phenomenon, make it lose luster. 5. Every six months or a year can be waxed in the furniture, to protect the real wood table has certain help. If the mobile

Solid wood meal

Table, should lift the table, do not drag, lest cause the loose of the whole structure of the table. Actually eat desk and chair maintains there is no need to struggle, the biggest secret is to use every day, not always easy to become old and damaged, as long as often use, will naturally more with more solid, and baby is only in the use of time is valuable, right? Today's table and chair maintenance of the road is said here, after the small make up will bring more furniture for everyone to maintain!