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Start by recognizing outdoor furniture.

Jan 25, 2018

Outdoor furniture - in the world economy high speed development in the 21st century, people in some developed countries pay more attention to the quality of life and the work efficiency, most of them think that the improvement of quality of life and spiritual life of the rich is the premise to improve work efficiency, eighty percent of people in the United States will require a fixed or indefinite time to rest and recharge, but in China is in economic transition period, the pace of life faster, as if people think as long as the interests of the endless pursuit, maybe we all forgot, who is a senior animal, not a work of the machine, people will have a physical or mental demand, the demand is endless, if only pay attention to physical mechanical chase, will lead to a serious imbalance, to collapse. But enjoy need basis, charge need the premise, if there is no better with the hardware facilities, also the streetscape, ointment, the effect of any, if you want to pursue the unity with nature, with mountains and clear water spiritual communication, then

Outdoor furniture is your must-have item, and the modern, super tempered glass table is full of food for you to enjoy, lying in the structure of amazing mahogany.

On the leisure chair, casually throw the garbage peel to the super creative cute.

In the trash can, facing lingshan xiushui, this is a kind of comfortable life, but also with the nature.

I'm sure you have heard about outdoor furniture, but do you really know about outdoor furniture? As furniture itself, "furniture" its narrow definition refers to the appliance used in indoor life, it is the necessary facilities that make the building space produce concrete practical value; In a broad sense, furniture is an indispensable tool for people's life, work and social activities, and a common product to meet the needs of life and pursue visual performance and ideal. Therefore, it can be considered that outdoor furniture is mainly used for outdoor or semi-outdoor furniture for public activities. It is an important element that determines the physical basis of the space function of the building outside (including the space outside the space, also known as "grey space") and the form of outdoor space. Outdoor furniture is a new fashion in furniture, which reflects people's leisure and relaxing life. This summer is decorating the owner of the new home, when choosing outdoor furniture, can forget to decorate the various troubles, devote to the beautiful scenery of rural life. The outdoor furniture variety that appears is more and more interesting.

There are three types of outdoor homes: permanent, mobile, portable. Permanent fixed type such as wooden pavilion, tent, solid wood tables and chairs. General this kind of furniture wants to choose high grade wood, have good anticorrosive sex, the weight also is heavy, put in outdoors for a long time. Movable type such as the west rattan chair, the tesla chair, folding wooden table and chair sun umbrella, etc. With time in the outdoor, need not when can receive it in the room, so this kind of furniture is more comfortable and practical, need not consider so much strong and anti-corrosion performance, can also according to personal interests to join some cloth art as an ornament. Portable type such as a small table and eat chair and parasols, this kind of furniture is usually made of aluminum alloy or canvas, light weight, easy to carry, field trips, fishing is very suitable for, best can also take some outdoor equipment, kind of burn oven rack, tents, add a lot of fun for outdoor travel. The production process of outdoor furniture is also quite complex and delicate. It needs to be dried, soaked, and processed by surface treatment.