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Super Practical outdoor Furniture Purchase Guide

Aug 29, 2017

New House has a private garden or super large balcony, a single kind of flowers and flowers are too wasteful, this time will think of the purchase of some outdoor furniture, such crowds for outdoor furniture outside the pedestrian, how to buy outdoor furniture? The following is a small series for everyone to share the shopping outdoor furniture guide.
1. Climate; is the local rain frequent? Is it a damp-heat zone? Direct sunlight for a long time, will make wood material outdoor furniture cracking, metal material heating up very fast, sit up comfortable feeling very poor. It is not easy to buy aluminum or plastic lighter materials when you are frequently blowing wind.
2. The location of the decision material; there is no sunshade in the activity area, is placed on the hard ground or lawn, the lawn is not easy to put cork furniture, the lawn more humid, will lead to cork suction water. It is advisable to substitute metal or plastic material.
3 material determines maintenance; If lazy people, wood furniture or save it! Wood furniture is required for regular maintenance, you can buy metal material furniture.
4 Comfort degree; This is the most important point, outdoor leisure is the pursuit of comfort and relaxation. The angle of the beach chair must be adjustable to accommodate different needs.