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Swing chair - pick up tips for swinging chairs.

Jan 30, 2018

Swing chair - the selection technique of swinging chair.

Because of the high hardness of the steel itself, swinging chairs often have a more beautiful appearance than other kinds of swings. Delicate tie yi tie, elegant flower basket is extremely European romantic appeal. The connection between the swing seat and the swing frame is a chain of shackles, which can adjust the length of the chain according to the height of the individual height, thus changing the height of the swing seat. The swing surface is covered with anti-rust paint, which is better waterproof and suitable for outdoor use.

Swing chair - swing chair options.

As you know, the wooden swinging chair has one drawback, which is that the wood will make a "crunchy" noise when it is swinging, so it is not suitable to be placed indoors. But in many cases, swing chair seat is made of chemical fiber rope on the gallows, rather than with metal or wood, so the rope swing with wooden frame, friction sound small, according to the actual situation of their families and themselves, can also be placed in rooms. Cane chair swing choice: hand-woven rattan swing quality of a material is light, no paint coating on the surface, so don't worry about coating volatile harmful to human body health, but with no paint protection, cane swing cannot be affected by the rain, so only suitable for placed in indoor.

Swinging chair - swing chair maintenance.

Connection strap maintenance. Focus on two connection points of the sling contact. Harness the two points of contact is one of the most sports place, if the two points has been wear and tear, and we don't know, to play, then may occur at this time, accidentally fell if lucky, is no small thing ah, light skin injury, or broke bones, therefore, regularly check to these two places and repair in a timely manner when necessary. Wash regularly. We should clean the swing chair, often for cannot please clean the part, we should use the paint oil on it, remember not to wipe out the part of the above, because the uneven material may be caused by accidental scourge, as for the metal part will suction machine, suction out the dust, reoccupy does cloth to wipe.

Look small make up after an introduction to the product of swing chair, feel if their home with so a maverick chair, that's a really graced, for your own home, you can imagine yourself in the nap can lay down on the swing chair is a very comfortable thing ah