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Swing lounge chair purchase tips

Dec 22, 2017

What is Swing Lounge Chair?

Swing lounge chair is the outdoor swing swing chair. As people's life and working pressure gradually increase, people are increasingly looking forward to the laid-back home life. Running out for a day and more are eager to return to their safe and comfortable nest. In recent years, the fashion leisure lounge chair quietly popular in the modern city, put leisure lounge chair at home. Hand-made rattan lounge chair, elegant and generous style, unique and unique style, fashionable and diverse, strong and durable, both noble European classical, but also the romantic leisure in North America, there are the Eastern ancient Zhuangzhuang style, sections Style is full of artistic and cultural taste, but also gives a return to nature to enjoy.

How to buy

1, the choice of steel swing chair: Due to the high hardness of the steel itself and other properties, steel swing chair usually than other types of swing lounge chair has a more beautiful appearance. Beautiful iron lace, elegant flower basket are very European romantic atmosphere. Swing lounge chair and the swing between the connection between the chain buckle chain, you can adjust the length of the chain according to personal height, thereby changing the height of the swing seat. Swing surface are coated with anti-rust paint, can be better waterproof, suitable for outdoor use.

2, wooden swing chair options: We all know that the general wooden swing chair has a drawback, that is, when swinging, the wood will issue a "crunchy" sound, it is generally not suitable for placement in the room. However, in many cases, the swing's seat is tied to a wooden frame with a chemical fiber rope, instead of using metal or wood, so the swaying rope and the wooden frame have less frictional noise and are placed indoors according to their own and family's actual conditions it is also fine.

3, rattan swing chair choice: hand-woven rattan swing leisure chair light texture, the surface is not painted and other coatings, so do not worry about the issue of paint volatility on human health hazards, but because there is no paint protection, rattan swing The lounge chair can not be exposed to rain and is therefore only suitable for indoor use.

Read the above, everyone swing chair is no longer know nothing about it! When you choose the swing lounge chair, may wish to refer to Xiaobian above to give you the way, I believe you will be picked to a high quality, reasonable price and stylish swing chair.