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Swing wicker chair maintenance methods

Dec 22, 2017

Swing wicker chair introduction

Swing wicker chair Made of various rattan rattan rattan rattan rattan rack with rattan rack rattan rack made for a variety of chairs, a rattan stool, rattan chair, rattan armchair and so on. Swing rocking chair Wicker chair with solid wood skeleton, rattan outer rattan core or rattan, the relative craft and style than the traditional rattan more gorgeous, there are twisted rattan armchairs, orchids and other chairs.

Swing wicker chair light and elegant, those intertwined rattan simple, fresh. People are tired of the hustle and bustle of the modern city, more and more profoundly appreciate the innocence of innocence, longing for close integration with nature, layout of a room filled with pastoral atmosphere, give yourself another living experience.

Swing wicker chair maintenance

1, pay attention to sunshade: balcony UV will make the swing wicker chair denatured brittle, prolonged exposure will make the white rattan sofa furniture yellow, brown red bright red sofa furniture partial fade, so expensive bamboo and rattan furniture sofa dry , Loose and detached.

2, to avoid damp: The advantage of swing wicker chair is that after damp deformation will be fixed into its original shape, after drying or drying, it will still be restored to its original shape and size.

3, to maintain ventilation: swing wicker chair to absorb a certain amount of water. However, if too much moisture is absorbed, the furniture will become soft, loosely structured, saggy and prone to mold spots in the braid.

4, to avoid near the source of heat, heat: heating radiator in winter is the enemy of wicker chairs, rattan close to the site already made dry crisp, poor toughness, sitting hard to recover, we must remember that the insulation pad .

As mentioned above, so many swing wicker chair maintenance methods, Xiao Bian also need to be reminded that when you care about the swing wicker chair should pay attention to do not often wipe it, because the rattan products belonging to plants, you wipe Too much is easy to become wet and moldy, but did not achieve the effect of maintenance, which we may need special attention Oh. Hope Xiaobian articles can bring you help.