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Talk about the skills of swinging

Jan 05, 2018

The physics of swinging

Swing of the movement is the reciprocating movement of the single pendulum, it is the gravitational potential energy and kinetic energy transformation, when people falling into the work of air resistance, reduce mechanical energy system, autumn will be more and more low, so want to fall more and more high, have to inject energy to the system continuously, when people in high places to stand up, centre of gravity is gravitational potential energy increase, lower down the focus, gravitational potential energy to reduce more, before and after the gap increases the energy of the system, will be higher. The energy is provided by the creature of your body, because the energy is always balanced!

The technique of swing

Swing, swing on the swing, to the high, to stand up and down swings, squats down, which, from the perspective of energy transformation, it is easy to understand, in the above problems, the conversion of mechanical energy is: in the process of upward swing, kinetic energy into gravitational potential energy, in the process of downward swing, gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy, but the amount of mechanical energy is constantly decreases, and the reason is that in the process, to overcome frictional resistance power swing, consume part of mechanical energy, to make it into other forms of energy (u). Therefore, as the mechanical energy decreases, the swing of the swing becomes smaller and smaller, and eventually stops, and the swing continues to continue, and the energy is constantly replenished. The motion of the swing is similar to that of a single pendulum. When the swing swings from the lowest to the highest point in the process, gravity is doing negative work, system of kinetic energy into potential energy of the system, and when the swing swings from high to low, system and the potential energy into kinetic energy, the whole process of mechanical energy

Conserved, the swing will do a waiting swing. If you want to make the swing higher and higher, you have to use the outside force to swing, you can't use the external force, the system can't get the energy from the outside.

Only through the swing of the person themselves and the internal force of the rope to transform their internal energy into the mechanical energy of the system,

And the person's internal force doing work can only depend on the person on the swing to rise or squat to achieve. But when the person swings to the position of balance, the hands pull the rope hard,

The rope is pulled by a force of the same size. The strength of the force's gravity makes people suddenly stand up.

The center of gravity will shift up at this point. The gravitational potential energy of the system increases. At this point, the tangent velocity is not changing, the kinetic energy has not changed,

The mechanical energy of the system increases. When the swing goes from the lowest point to the highest point, it goes down slowly, and in the process,

Gravity is no longer doing negative work, but it's almost not doing work, or even doing positive work.

When a man rises to the highest point, he stands up quickly. It increases the gravitational potential energy. When the swing goes from the highest point to the lowest point, slowly lower the squat, making the center of gravity drop.


The position of the center of gravity is decreased, and the process gravity is still doing positive work. In one cycle, gravity always does positive work. In this way, the man who swings can convert his internal energy into the mechanical energy of the swing.  

In short, the person swinging the children's swing should stand up quickly at the bottom of the swing and then slowly squat down.

When the swing swings to the highest point, then suddenly stand up again, after the highest point and then slowly squat,

At the lowest point, I will stand up again and repeat the above motion, which means the swing will be higher and higher.

The swing of the matters needing attention

Select the appropriate swing. Children of different ages, the swing is different also, appropriate for the experts say, like a 0 to 2 years old children, should choose the saddle type swing, let the children to sit up like a diaper; 2 to 5 years old, should choose tire compressed block seats, because after a chip swing easy nowhere before, when the child control ability is insufficient; Children can choose from 5 to 12 years old On the material of swing, parents choose iron chair, in order to avoid injured child, tire skins swing chair to compare pain, mommy can this is a high priority.

Pay attention to the scientific method of swing. Until the bottom swing should in swing motion of standing up quickly, then slowly squat, when swing into the highest point, then suddenly stood up, slowly again after the peak squats, flung up again when the lowest, repeat the above action, after the swing swing higher.

In order to avoid being hurt, notice the most basic common sense on the swing. Always hold the two long ropes on the swing. Don't jump off the swing; Don't swing too high. Safely swing, it can improve the friendship, like Korean women dressed in colorful ethnic costumes, amid cheers, JiaoHaoSheng makes the swing, they are up for a while, swooping down, enjoy a happy, long skirt dancing with the wind, may have a sense of elation. The specific method of competition varies from place to place, but there is one thing in common, that is all

A high level of decision. Now there are places where a rope with a size is attached to the swing plate to measure the height and determine the outcome. Swing to promote friendship. Life, in fact, can be beautiful, pay more attention to the details around us, and care more about our health, we will be more honest and happy.