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Terraces create steps and materials

Feb 28, 2018

First, design a patio. Where to plant flowers, where to spread the ground, where to place the seat, water scene arrangement, flowers and plants. Generally a bit heavier desk chair, waterscape rockery and bigger plant, should put on the beam or pillar, bearing force is better. The faucet and lamps and lanterns, small article is put all must think first. Generally speaking, each square bearing should not exceed five hundred jin.

Secondly, it is necessary to prevent leakage in construction, especially flower beds. Tree species cannot be developed with roots. The flower bed should have a drain.

Third, the soil in the flower bed is the best garden soil, can be bought in suburban vegetable land or flower bird market, add a bit peat soil and river sand, apply some ground fertilizer.

Choose plant species. Terrace site conditions is limited, unfavorable choose tall trees, can only choose the foliage flower small trees, shrubs, and if it is a tropical and subtropical regions, can create a tropical garden, some kind of palm, such as loose tail needle kwai kwai, beautiful, brown bamboo, zhu Manila, arrowroot, pineapple and so on, beside a little water. Or planting bougainvillea in sunny place, firecrackers, vine Chinese rose and so on carries on the three-dimensional beautification, pomegranate, jasmine, lotus, water lily, change it, and other flowers fruit plants also be put in sunny place. Half Yin place also can choose camellia, gardenia, dragon boat flower, cuckoo, red maple and so on. In short, you can plant your favorite flower and plant it in the right place.

When placing position, want to consider flower habit, colour combination, style coordination, and deciduous evergreen, tree bush and so on the problem. Make a small fake mountain, fish pond, no condition or trouble, set up a fish tank.

Set aside tables and chairs. The terrace is mainly leisure, do not set other functions on the balcony, such as washing, drying clothes, piling sundries, etc.

Sun room

Gazebo sun room main style: a terrace facing wall sun room, two facing wall gazebo sun room, three facing wall terrace in the sun room, terrace wall sun room seal terrace house balcony closed into glass transparent gazebo sun room, a sunshine more space in the home, the room suddenly bright will be many, and daylighting effect is very good also. It is as if the home has a greenhouse, even if the balcony sunshine room is not warm and warm. The sunroom is a good place to read and rest: the glass skylight and three floor-to-ceiling Windows allow the sun to shine. There is a tea table and a deck chair in the sunshine room. The terrace and the bedroom are joined together, and when you want to be quiet, you can lie in the sun or watch the stars at night. A cup of strong tea, a deck chair, a piece of sunshine, one afternoon. This is how many busy city people yearn for leisure life. With the increase of the pressure of life, a balcony sunshine room is set up in the home, and the concept of sunshine room on the terrace is becoming more and more popular in Beijing. A person with taste, can let a bedroom color collocation between cold and warm random walk, on the style, as switching between modern and pastoral, whereas the ornament of a gazebo sun room can achieve this goal, create a relaxed mood, the collocation of plant on the rich culture.

The sunshine room usually changes from the balcony or balcony, also have the villa outside to cover, possible space is not big, but general glass window is very big, the light is very good. Common in the sun room adornment is using natural materials, comfortable furniture collocation, let indoor and outdoor natural scenery here cohesion, and generally set to teahouse, small motor room, play area, create a more comfortable and romantic leisure space. The sunshine room is mainly to be close to sunshine, it connects the space inside and outside the room, so both want and outdoor space natural harmony, and the integral style of the bedroom is consistent, achieve the role of transition. In addition to relaxing and relaxing, sunshine room is also the best visitor and leisure area. Use light color as far as possible in color, and the choice of furniture is as natural as possible.

Patio sunroof materials have their own advantages and disadvantages.

1. Toughened glass top :(advantage) the best permeability is the glass top sunlight room, (weak) glass's permeability is sure to be insulated and thermal insulation is not very good.

2. Color steel roof sunshine room :(advantage) the heat insulation and heat preservation of the color steel plate is better, (disadvantage) the color steel plate is not transparent, the tone is single and not grade.

3, highly respected (advantages) of highly respected and clay tile roof sun room, sauna board jingse consisting of five layers such as good insulation, heat preservation, beautiful beautiful, color variety (disadvantages) colour light is not very good, price is quite high. It can open skylight at the top and design tall Windows around it to help with lighting and ventilation.

4. Sunshine board sunshine room: (advantage) the frame is filled with hollow glass steel in the middle of the broken bridge, good permeability, good insulation and good insulation, (disadvantages) : the cost is relatively high.

Around the sun room, basic pillar is a must, and supporting choi steel or tempered glass top beam, the longitudinal beam, combined into a mesh structure, the sun room materials, is very strong, safe. The sunshine room material of four weeks USES, can choose model steel door window section, the bridge aluminium door window section, aluminum door window or color steel wall board. Around the hollow Glass can choose ordinary insulating Glass or toughened Glass or high-end Polyvision Privacy Glass electric control dimming Glass, window of model steel door profiles match or broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows profile as a skeleton, span is more than 3 m, can add appropriately steel tube as the column support, spray painting, surface structure stability is better than aluminum.

Choose sunshine room, in the choice of door window performance should pay attention to very much. Because the bearing capacity of sunshine room is bigger, its border is different from ordinary sliding door, use high-grade aluminium alloy and steel, increase wall thickness and width dimension, make the support force is stronger. The door window USES double layer hollow warm glass, and the roof USES toughened glass, in glass and metal frame clip have special anti-collision strip, special seal, can realize prevent rain, prevent snow. In addition, must pay attention to the ventilation system, otherwise not only harmful to the building itself, but also affect the health of the resident. Therefore, a roof ventilation skylight is indispensable. Or install electric ventilator, also is good method, even if do not open door also can be ventilated.

How does the terrace calculate the area?

When terrace is set up for each suite independent, namely each suite to the terrace to open the door, and the suite of terrace disconnected, then has a terrace suite per meter of building area of the balcony, according to a layer of the balcony on half of the horizontal projection area calculation building area, construction area of all the rest of the terrace.

If the balcony is not set independently for each suite, the whole terrace (public terrace) excludes the construction area. When public terrace on a layer corresponding to a corridor, corridor of horizontal plane is still less than terrace without column, then has a terrace on floor should still calculate the equivalent of a layer of the half of the horizontal projection area of corridor construction area.

The Forbidden City.

The terrace, also known as sendai, is located on the east side of the first courtyard of the yongshou palace garden. Qing qianlong, 37 years (1772). Taiwan is located in the taihu pile rockery, covers an area of 7 , with white marble railings around. The bar board is 0.42m high and 0.84m wide. The north and south are two pieces respectively. The west is three, the east is two, the middle is the entrance, and the column is connected with the stone pillar. The mainland is covered with rice yellow porphyry. In the north of the mountain, there are wooden and stone railings in the north, and stone steps on both sides of the north and south.

The front of the hole and the south side of the gate, the head of the front door of zhu, the south for zhu paint. The opening of the door is 0.8m wide and 1.9m high. The top of the south gate is a semicircle carved window. Inside the cave, there is a shrine to the north, and the east wall is carved with a stone inscription. The winter sun is shining through the window, and it is clear in the text.

The terrace not only can climb the high distance, but also with the same courtyard of porch, pavilion building combination, enrich the building space inside the courtyard.