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The advantages and disadvantages of rattan furniture compared with natural rattan furniture

Aug 29, 2017

There are many kinds of vines, which are divided into natural vines and PE vines, and natural vines are spiny palms climbing plants that grow in tropical forests. Although the variety of natural rattan, but its growth in the place are concentrated in Indonesia, so also known as natural Indonesian vines. Advantages: Natural rattan furniture because of the natural, health effects on the body, favored, natural rattan surface delicate lubrication, particularly good touch.

Natural vines are generally not allergic and therefore especially suitable for children. Natural vines are always kept close to the body surface temperature, so cool without feeling cold. Natural rattan is easy to absorb sweat, non-stick skin. Rugged, healthy and environmental protection, natural and fresh, comfortable and practical characteristics. Disadvantages: Natural rattan resources are limited, the number of natural vines imported abroad has gradually decreased. Natural rattan furniture shortcomings in the North easy to crack deformation, and the scarcity of raw materials such as the problem of its rare things to be expensive, such as the Indonesian Vine now export has been restricted, the price will be higher. And with a long time will be easy to aging, moldy. The cleaning is much easier to crack.

Imitation rattan advantages: Compared to natural rattan, more with smooth surface, good flexibility, durable, waterproof, sunscreen, mildew, moth, sanitation, easy to clean and so on. Rattan furniture prices relatively inexpensive, excellent wear resistance, good low-temperature impact resistance, self-lubricating, non-toxic, water resistance, chemical resistance, thermal resistance is better than general PE, disadvantage: external surface hardness, rigidity, expansion coefficient of large.

The above is the rattan furniture compared to natural rattan furniture advantages and disadvantages, this can be based on their own needs and budget to buy.