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The anti - corrosion wood swing chair - anti - corrosion wood swing chair making method introduction.

Jan 30, 2018

There are so many kinds of chairs, but there are only two or three of them. So today we are going to learn about the precious and difficult seashell chairs. For anticorrosive wood swing chair don't understand people don't know what is the difference and the general chair, so today we together for a chat about anticorrosive wood chair swing it very useful and it is made of what? Let's study together.

Anti - corrosive wood swing chair - anti - corrosion wood swing chair.

Anticorrosive mywood swing chair, as everybody knows, general wooden swing seat is made of chemical fiber rope tied to the anticorrosive wood, not made of metal or wood, so the rope swing with wooden frame, friction sound small, according to the actual situation of their families and themselves, placed in the interior also can be used for a long time.

Anticorrosive wood swing chair, hand woven rattan swing quality of a material is lightsome, no paint coating on the surface, so don't worry about coating volatile harmful to human body health, but with no paint protection, cane swing cannot be affected by the rain, so only suitable for placed in indoor.

Anti - corrosive wood swing chair - anti - corrosion wood swing chair.

1. Design an imaginary swing style, or find a sample to prepare the reference. Take after dealing with the anticorrosive, carbonization of American south Korean pine, or Russian mongolica is suitable for outdoor conditions, such as some of the carbonization corrosion log number (decoration city is available, it is better to use the same below coarse and its diameter is about 70 mm above the log, or 7 * 7 mm square).

2. Have a diameter of 8-10mm* 100-160mmmmj screw and cap; Electric drill and various sizes of wood bits, adjustable spanner, tape and wood saw tools. According to the design or referring to its size, the qualified log shall be cut off by the drawing, and then the hole shall be drilled according to its size.

3. After assembling the screw, nut and wrench according to the picture, the varnish can be finished. As it is used outside, it can be used for 1-2 years.

Anticorrosive wood swing chair is a lot of people want to buy, but sometimes afraid of false is not true of anticorrosive material is not durable, so it's really hard to meet the needs of many people, to make your own anticorrosive wood swing chair and sturdy and durable, it is a good choice. We don't need to know so thoroughly, after all, not professional, just a vague understanding is ok, so for anticorrosive wood swing chair is good, and hope to be able to give you the interpretation of its production process to offer help