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The cane makes up furniture

Jan 25, 2018

The cane makes up furniture has a bold and elegant style, make the cany art furniture is not a simple natural, fresh and full of the characteristics of the modern and fashionable style and full of modern flavor and style lasting appeal. In the south of our country, people are accustomed to use the cane to make cabinet, ark, several, case, screen, frame, chair, table and bed.

The development of rattan furniture.

Rattan furniture, because of the low income of knitters, and young people unwilling to learn such handicrafts, rattan furniture is on the verge of no one.Now the people environmental protection consciousness gradually strengthened, and return to natural trend, the growing popularity of all kinds of cany art, green technology products entered innumberable families, become a new round of home decoration fashion.

The advantage of rattan furniture.

Rattan furniture also begins to combine iron yi, willow, bamboo some other material and element, change out more beautiful and practical furniture. Woven rattan sofa again tie-in fabric cushions and pillows, make traditional European style appears rattan furniture like jade cane implement the tea table with rattan weaving base, but with the glass surface, fully show modern and lively feeling. The cane makes up furniture also play an important role in ecology, it can adapt to the degradation of forest and barren soil, also can grow well in the natural forest and not disrupt the ecological structure and balance. The form is very unique, and it shows the unique appeal of traditional handicrafts. Therefore, in all parts of the world, due to its elegant appearance and simplicity, it is very popular. Besides, it is strictly processed. There is no pollution, and it can be recycled.

Methods the choose and buy

1.           In addition to manual weaving techniques, the most important thing is to examine whether the rattan material is good. If the surface of rattan material is wrinkly, explain that this furniture is to use young cane to process and become, toughness bad, easy to break and corrode. 2. Grasp the edge of the furniture with both hands and gently shake it to feel the frame is stable. Use the palm of the hand on the furniture surface to wipe, to be smooth. 3. See if the gloss of rattan furniture surface is uniform, whether there are spots, discoloration and moth-eaten marks. 4. When using and storing, do not expose it to the fire source or heat source, and do not expose it in the sun for a long time. 5, use fresh water to wipe cane to make furniture supplies, that is to be able to decontamination, can make its flexibility long lasting, still can have a certain crispy fold, prevent insect moth effect. 6. The dust on the surface of rattan furniture can be wiped with soft wet cloth. The dust in the gap is cleaned with paint brush or vacuum cleaner, do not use the cleanser or solvent that destroys the surface of rattan furniture.


Rattan products are the most environmentally friendly products, free from local and seasonal restrictions. The toughness is big, mothproof and moisture-proof, durable, the more the more beautiful, the home green product, the more the more beautiful, the more use the more luster!

Common sense of furniture of rattan furniture

1. In fact, the furniture products of rattan furniture are more wear-resistant and dirt-resistant than leather and cloth art, and the dust can only be cleaned with dry cloth at ordinary times; Use a brush or vacuum cleaner to clean up the dust of rattan furniture for three months; When dirtier, wet cloth wring dry wipe to walk, especially dirty place USES old brush to brush gently brush, clean and clean immediately! 2. The furniture of rattan furniture usually sits on it. 3. Don't put the product near the stove or heater. Don't expose yourself to the sun. Part 4, cane hawker (sound: da) used after a long time or be affected with damp be affected with damp vulnerable to depression after deformation, don't worry, use a small amount of saline water wet cane hawker's part, it will shrink after drying is flat and level. As long as you cherish it, it will not be bad for decades! Can act as "family treasure"! For generations, the furniture of rattan furniture has been used for generations, but it is full of natural, fresh and refreshing features, full of modern flavor and fashionable characteristics, and full of modern flavor and fashion.