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The characteristics of bamboo and rattan furniture.

Jan 25, 2018

So no matter how long, this is the bamboo rattan furniture with a light local flavor is always very popular with people. Bamboo rattan furniture is not only comfortable and environmentally friendly, but also very durable. Always bring a kind of brand-new natural enjoyment for the bedroom. So, how much do you know about the bamboo furniture? Do you know the characteristics of this bamboo rattan furniture? Do you want to know the characteristics of bamboo and rattan furniture? Next, let's get to know each other.

Bamboo rattan furniture characteristics - selection.

Like all furniture, bamboo rattan furniture is also very cultured on the material that chooses material and put material, this also is one of the characteristic of bamboo rattan furniture. Bamboo and rattan furniture is very particular about bamboo selection, at least the bamboo age should be chosen for more than three years, and it is best to be the most middle bamboo in the whole bamboo garden. For skilled workers, it is a piece of cake to judge a bamboo age. Just grab the bamboo shake and determine its age. After selecting the material, it is necessary to make a distinction according to the type of the product made, and the basic algorithm of six inches by one foot is put in the material.

The characteristic of bamboo rattan furniture - split meer.

Bamboo and rattan furniture characteristics of the split, the split is to refer to the selected bamboo material processing, let it become the silk or bamboo. However, bamboo and rattan furniture is very skillful, and the hands and knives of the workers should form a line, and the control of the force path is also very important. Then it is to pick up the meel, at this time use pick knife, one hand hold the bamboo piece to hold down the bamboo stick, the other hand pull back, wait for the silk or the bamboo piece to be the same width and narrow, that is to be considered to be the good. Then it was to be shaved, boiled, and finally dried. It is also the most unique feature of bamboo and rattan furniture.

The characteristics of bamboo and rattan furniture - weaving.

Weaving in the production of many rattan art furniture will have, so I believe that people are not strange to weaving. But our bamboo rattan furniture weaving technique is many, its content is very rich. So this knitting is also counted as one of the characteristics of bamboo rattan furniture. Bamboo rattan furniture general lawmakers are: maneuver reduction, triangular vertical Angle three-dimensional braiding, knitting, weaving, tiger eye, hexagonal six-party, multilateral moneypenny, and so on, weave patterns, is very good-looking. In the process of weaving, some of the silk is required to be dyed or bleached, and after the knitting is finished, some of the production techniques, such as spray painting and drying, are finished.

The characteristic of bamboo rattan furniture - environmental protection green.

This natural bamboo rattan furniture nature contains environmental protection green this point. Our bamboo rattan furniture whether the choice of bamboo material, or the use of cane, all choose high-quality material. Moreover, bamboo is a very environment-friendly and healthy material, and its growth cycle is short and the yield is high. It is not green and it will not affect the ecology.

The characteristic of bamboo rattan furniture - style is novel, modelling is changeable.

In today's rich world, bamboo rattan furniture can be so popular, besides its environmental protection, this novel design is also the reason why people like it. So this style is original, the modelling is changeable also is one of the characteristics of bamboo rattan furniture. Bamboo rattan structure is very tight, the texture is soft, the toughness is very good, so when making bamboo rattan furniture, can bend arbitrarily, make different shape. Solid wood furniture cannot do, bamboo cane furniture can do. To make people more satisfied from the body and mind, to cater to the taste of modern fashionable household.