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The chute pushes the tent.

Feb 26, 2018

The telescopic tent is mainly used to pull out and retract back when not in use. It is suitable for the application of barbecue stall, hot pot stand, bulk storage, storage material, workshop workshop and so on.

Here we share the features of the ziu shengfan chute extension tent:

1. Unpack -- simple, without any auxiliary tools within half an hour, such as electric drill. Three people can set up a stretch tent, and one person will be able to pull up the tent. 2. Full track design -- two side push-pull walls and top are equipped with skid technology, and all other products on the market are used.

The ring has serious abrasion and safety to the wall. The pulleys roll up and down on the slide to realize the push-pull process, reduce the wear between the supports, prolong the service life of the bracket, and eliminate the imitation from the national patent products.

3. Corner -- the four corners of the gables are all the hydraulic bending of the mould, which is different from that of traditional manual welding.

Top cloth, easy to build and use;

4. Top beam -- the triangular stability structure is adopted, which is strong and significant, which is different from that of traditional quadrilateral single point force design.

5. Top cloth -- using magic adhesive to bond on the girder, the position precision and density can guarantee the strong and reliable top, used.

Safer, better wind resistance; Compared with the traditional rivet and eye reinforcement, easy to seepage rust, no screw holes, pinholes in the joints, absolutely prevent water leakage;

6. Top group -- the top is surrounded by wavy edges with white pressure, beautiful; Fine line.

7. Surround cloth -- the two sides of wall cloth are made of magic stick, strong and convenient to disassemble. The two gate enclosures are made of curtain type pulleys, which are convenient and beautiful.

8. Bracket structure -- all stents are in square tube structure, which is stronger than cylinder;

9. Nuts - all nuts are self - locked and durable.

10. Pipe mouth -- all tubes have rubber cover and cap, do not stroke, do not row cloth.

11. Wanxiang wheel -- the bottom is made of super large resin rubber wheel, which is said to be significant.

12. Packaging -- exquisite, side posts and wooden cases packing, reduce the wear of tents in transportation, and ensure the integrity of the goods. In a word, convenient, durable, exquisite!