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The design of the couple chairs.

Jan 30, 2018

But couples chair design is not just saying this, the design feature of a chair with its sales is a great relationship, couples are chair using the object is, so chair in design of first consideration is couple sitting together on the most common cases is how to sit? How do you sit?

Sitting together can be physically uncomfortable, if the girl sits on her boyfriend, will the boy's legs be numb? And so on, or other problems, to solve these problems, the designers on the design of the couple of chair is also a struggle, chair in design of time to consider how to design the modelling chair, how to use both good-looking and practical chair structure to solve the discomfort

Couple of chair design instructions at the heart of the problem and its design, and design the target object is lovers, that in a period of above have already said, I believe each of you friends have a certain understanding, according to the above mentioned couple of chair design instructions you may have learned that some characteristics of couple chairs, such as on modelling novel and unique, senses of sweet and comfortable, but also can bring the distance between couples, create happiness. But what does it look like on the model? You haven't seen it yet, and you don't know exactly what kind of couples it is.

In a chair on the market now, although the couple chairs the proportion is not much, but can not ignore the necessity of it in life, couples of chair design instructions have all sorts of with chair has been reflected, such as swing chair has a couple of swing chair, rocking chair has a couple of rocking chair, combination has a couple of chair chair, couples chair design is flexible, detachable can close, the original architect couples chair design idea is a little lovers happy chair can together, the couple have small temper can separate again, the characteristics of the design is used for such occasions.

The design modelling of the love chair is many and novel, so the design of the lover chair explains the light depends on say can not all clear, still want to consult some picture; The design of some couples chair is side by side, the back of the back is a big heart-shaped back, looking more warm; And the first two lovers chair seat is face to face, can communicate face to face, eye contact is not well, but the couple chairs in general side has a rung above connected, lighting can put a little snacks and flowers, function is very convenient; Also the pair of chair is to win in color, in the use of color very reasonable, quite warm. There are a lot of different couples' chairs, and the design of the couple's chair is endless.